2023 Presidency: Gov. Yahaya Bello Posters Flood Ilorin

2023 Presidency: Gov. Yahaya Bello Posters Flood Ilorin

Calls for the youthful Governor of Kogi State, Alh. Yahaha Bello to contest the 2023 Presidential election took a dramatic leap Wednesday, as his posters flooded strategic areas in Ilorin, Kwara State capital.

Our correspondent said the town looked like a “paint of Yahaya Bello” as the commercial areas like Post Office, Taiwo Oke and many other areas witnessed the heavy paste of the Governor’s posters.

One of the young people pasting the posters, Yekini Adewale told our correspondent that the youth printed the posters and decided to paste them to tell the world that the youthful Governor is their preferred candidate for the 2023 Presidential election.

“Most of us participated in the ‘Otoge Tsunami’ in Kwara in 2019. We are approaching the 2023 Presidential election with the same mentality. Old people should leave the stage for the dynamism of the youth.

“Governor Yahaya Bello emerged as our preferred choice because of his youthfulness and usefulness, because of the way he has handled security in his state and for giving the youth and women a place of pride in his Government.

“We will make sure Kwara is delivered to him by the time he will emerge as the candidate of our party. We are proud of the fact that a North Central leader has positioned himself so well to become the first elected President from the geo-political zone.

“We are also proud of the fact that the Governor is from the old Kwara, so for us, he is one of us and we will do everything to support him”.

A woman, Sherifat Oloriebi said if Yahaya Bello becomes President, he will empower Nigerian women like he has done and still doing in Kogi.

“See what the man is doing in Kogi. He is building capacity in women to be economically independent and he is also trusting women with important positions. The SSG of his State is a woman. The Head of Service of his state is a woman. All Local Government Vice Chairmen are women. All the Legislative Council Leaders are women and 35 per cent of the Councillors are women.

“Women all over Nigeria see him as someone who believes in the capacity of the womenfolk and we will mobilize massively for his victory”.

Over the last two weeks, Yahaya Bello has proven his mettle to solve national problems by averting what would have been a national disaster through his intervention to resolve the food transportation blockade.

Leaders across the nation are beginning to look at the direction of the Governor while the youth are also increasing the tempo of their agitation for a young President come 2023.

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