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Mopa: Oba Ibeun Meets With Head Of Clans And Families

The Elulu of Mopa and Chairman Mopamuro Traditional Council of Chiefs, His Royal Majesty, Oba Muyiwa Ibeun has met with all heads of clans and families in Mopa.

The meeting which held in Mopa on Saturday had in attendance representatives of all clans across Mopa.

Oba Ibeun in his opening remark said the meeting is not only a familiarization one, but to make a statement that the clans and families are major fractions that make up the community, Mopa.

Earlier, the anchor of the program, Oba of Okeguru, Odole – Mopa, His Royal Highness, Oba Williams Olushola Agbaje while welcoming the attendants and having them introduced themselves said the meeting is to involve and seek for their input in the running of the affairs of Mopa.

Oba Ibeun emphasized that the clans and families structures are the real Mopa, owing to the fact that they are all notable to Mopa Traditional Council (MTC) in the sense of nominating the various Chiefs and Kings in different rights.

The monarch also added that, “this is Mopa seated and it is a meeting to carry all Mopa along on the issues of Mopa, and it is going to be a constant and periodic one”.

The Elulu of Mopa gave a directive that all clans and families heads must hold a later meeting respectively to give feedback of the meeting to their respective clans and families in order to carry the entire Mopa along in the activities of the traditional council.

He also said same directives has been passed to all Kings, High Chiefs, Chiefs, etc … within the community, graded or not to always pass quality and detailed informations made in the township Council of Chiefs meeting(s) to their respective clans and families.

Oba Ibeun in his remark also emphasized that records of Mopa’s history and happenings must be properly recorded and documented from where it stopped in time past till present, and the traditional council relies on records from different clans and families.

He also asked respective clans and families heads to take proper records of how they want their clans, families to be addressed and submit the document to MTC, adding that going forward Mopa will embrace additional family names to each clans cum adopting other families as Mopa indigine after adequate scrutiny depending on Nigeria Laws and Constitution. Raising points that a progressive community must be accomodating.

He said part of the initiative is to involve the entire Mopa in writing her history further and be involved in her development.

The Elulu encouraged all Mopa that his doors are always open for suggestions, contributions, reports for the development of Mopa, added that MTC under his reign will not give room for any form of malice and message of disunity and underdevelopment owing to the name of Mopa which is “IMOPAPO” meaning unity and/or togetherness.

The Balogun of Mopa, His Excellency and Royal Highness, Oba Clarence Olafemi in his remark urged the entire clans, families and communities of Mopa to embrace Oba Muyiwa Ibeun and his developmental led plan for Mopa and Mopamuro.

The meeting which was coordinated by the Elulu Project and Programs Implentation Committee (EPPIC), as they represent all communities have their members in attendance.

The clans and families heads during the meeting unanimously nominated Arc. Aina Lawal Sunday and Mr. Jeremiah Abiodun Henry as Head of Heads of Clans and Families respectively which was ratified by the Elulu.

Arc. Sunday during his closing remark applauded the initiative of the meeting said it is the first and one of its kind in Mopa and if not the whole world, while Mr. Abiodun Henry said the closing prayers.

Earlier, Prince Stephen Olusegun Orimolade said the opening prayer.

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