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“Our Senator Has Neglected Us” – Kogi West Constituents Cries Out

One year after being inaugurated at the National Assembly, the constituents of Kogi West Senatorial District has bemoaned the election of their senator, Sunday Karimi; said they regreted voting him in as he’s not been representing them adequately at the Upper chamber of the National Assembly.

The constituents said if not that the process for recalling a legislator is long and cumbersome, they would not have mind seeking for his recall, as the senator has shown not to be relevant to the district any more.

The aggrieved constituents accused the senator of neglecting them and having no plans for his constituency, which comprises of Yagba West, Yagba East, Mopamuro, Kabba/Bunu, Ijumu, Lokoja and Kogi council areas of Kogi State.

The aggrieved constituents who speak under the aegis of Kogi West Good Governance Forum, made their grievances known on Monday in a statement signed by their leaders; Sunday Osebeyo (Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu), Dada Joseph (Yagba West, Yagba East , Mopamuro) and Dauda Iliyasu (Lokoja/Kogi), which is the three Federal constituencies in the senatorial district.

They lamented that the senator was not in good relationship with his people and had continued to shy away from his constitutional responsibilities.

They cried out that it was painful to watch other senators in the state sharing palliatives to ameliorate the suffering of their people, but their own representative has neglected them.

They lamented that his constituents were wallowing in poverty, many students unable to pay their fees, communities facing natural disasters, yet Senator Karimi has refused to lend helping hands. Besides, they said since he was elected, Karimi had not visited his people.

“Since Sunday Karimi became a senator, he has failed to look into the basic needs and challenges currently bedeviling the West Senatorial Districts.

“He has failed to attract a single project to the districts in terms of infrastructures, roads and others. He has continuously and deliberately ignored efforts by the people to create a working relationship that will bring out purposeful leadership for our people.

“He is yet to fulfil any of his campaign promises; painfully, he has become an Abuja-based senator. He refuses to visit his constituency. We can’t even remember any visit from him even when rain storm destroyed some communities in Ijumu LGA or when bandits attacked his own Local government areas of Yagba West this year – Karimi failed to show up.

“Only once did he share rice as palliatives and it was a shame as most of the rice were already spoilt, making his constituents to reject it. Probably, he’s angry that his people rejected a bad rice from him.

“Sincerely, we are tired; other places are enjoying the benefits that come from having a national representative. Our case has been a curse rather than a blessing. We are just like a district without a senator.”

The group urged Karimi to amend his ways, telling him that four years will soon be over.

They asked the senator to organise a town hall meeting and take out time to tour his constituency.

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