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It has been brought to my attention by my media team, that in an unfortunate turn of events, certain statements, publications and opinions of some groups of individuals against certain representatives of the people of Kogi West are being ascribed to my person.

First, Let me state categorically that any individual or groups of people making any publications or statements castigating any official in elected positions do so without my knowledge, interest, authorisation or consent.

I recall vividly that while I represented the people of Kogi West Senatorial district, some of these individuals who now go about peddling stories about the current dispensation criticized me and were less than appreciative of my representation at the time. I have been a recipient of this modus operandi and therefore will not condone it.

I want to use this opportunity to strongly warn those using me as a cover to peddle uncomplimentary allegations against the current representatives to cease and desist from this act.

Anyone who has genuine concerns about the well-being of the people of Kogi should responsibly speak about their grievances in their personal capacity without using any platform that carries either my personal or political identity.

Indeed, it would be delusional for any well-meaning statesman to assume that I would use such unscrupulous methods as a means of expressing my views or opinions.

It is public knowledge that I have the God given gift to address issues I feel dissatisfied with personally and directly, be it with an individual or an institution. And I have always done so in my personal capacity and have absolutely no apologies for this.

Campaigns and Elections are over, and I fought fervently for what I believe in. We have all moved forward and there is no fear or battle to be fought yet. I am sufficiently formidable to fight my battles and there is no one I will not be able to confront personally if the need arises.

I therefore state unequivocally that anyone who makes a statement, or circulates any publication disparaging anybody who occupies an elected position, should do so clearly in their personal capacity and must not ascribe such to my person or any of my platforms.

It is fraudulent; it is unscrupulous as it is criminal.

I also advice those representing our people not to be deterred or be consumed by frivolities, instead, they should stay focused, and remain resolute on delivering their various electoral promises and dividends of democracy to the people of Kogi West, and indeed Kogi state in general.

Let both the critics and the occupants of these positions bear in mind that politics remains dynamic and unpredictable.

God being with us (Insha
Allahu) 2027 beckons.

By Senator Smart Adeyemi

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