5th Year In Office: Ajaokuta Reps Sent Powerful Message To Gov. Bello

5th Year In Office: Ajaokuta Reps Sent Powerful Message To Gov. Bello

As the Second term in office of the Executive Governor of Kogi State Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello and his Deputy clock’s a year today, the Member Representing Ajaokuta Federal Constituency on behalf of his constituents and his family heartily Congratulates and celebrate with the Executive Governor on this Memorable day for the modest successes recorded over this period of a successful one year in office.

The good people of Ajaokuta Federal Constituency and the state are celebrating you today as you have clearly written your name in Gold as we urge you to continue in that positive vibes to make the state an envy place of the world . You have made us so proud recently in numerous ways most especially during this period of Covid-19 pandemic your stand is crystal clear and commendable by declaring your state Covid-19 free and today the country is celebrating you on that note Kudos.

You have so far reciprocated the uncommon and unflinching support you received from the good people of the state by applying an instrument of good governance through your numerous projects in your days in office in a way that, the people of the state will appreciate the trust and confidence reposed on you inspite of the challenges posed by the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic in the country and the associated risks .

The second leg of my congratulatory message is premised on your single devotion to overturned the investment capacity of the state as recently the state was reported by Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) to have overtaken Lagos State. The report holds that Kogi State received the largest share of investment .Thank you for this great achievement.

Once again Congratulations on your one year in office of second term as the Executive Governor of Kogi State . With the achievements recorded so far the middle belt region and other Zones collectively choose you to stand up for a better Nigeria 2023

Signed Hon. Lawal Muhammadu Idirisu Member Representing Ajaokuta Federal Constituency

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