AFTERMATH PUBLIC OUTCRY: Kehinde Oloruntoba withdraws as “Chairman, APC Kiri Shadow Primary Committee”

AFTERMATH PUBLIC OUTCRY: Kehinde Oloruntoba withdraws as “Chairman, APC Kiri Shadow Primary Committee”

Good evening Mr. Ibiseun, I honestly didn’t intend to say a word on this issue, but I wish to comment on your submission. I sincerely think you should have found out what the terms of reference of this committee is before you make this submission. This committee wasn’t set up to disqualify any candidate. It was put in place to access the preparedness of our candidates from Kiri. To submit that the outcome was premeditated is rather a hasty conclusion. The committee has three members each from the two words. I deliberately stayed away from the committee to achieve that equality. Meanwhile, why should any aspirant be afraid of interacting with his people?

Talking about the legality of the committee, the law doesn’t forbid any group from coming together to prepare themselves for election. Gentlemen men agreement is part of our law. We have alternative dispute resolution as a way of avoiding litigation which is seen as expensive, time consuming amid unfriendly. Rotation in politics is in most cases an unwritten agreement which some people put in place to ensure equity, fairness and justice. It’s part of Nigerian politics. However, it doesn’t disqualify whosoever opts out of it. Why do we like to make a mountain out of a mole? Some people even malign my character and that of other members publicly and told lies just to drive home their points. God Almighty will judge us all by our actions.

APC members in Kiri can adopt the name ‘Kiri people’ without the risk of being accused of impersonation. It’s a party affair. The intention is to graduate it to the next level of calling our elders in Kiri both in APC and PDP, some of which we have consulted to help appeal to the candidates with the possibility of having a consensus candidate from Kiri.

Since the process has been tagged ‘illegal, self serving and premeditated’, I wish to publicly withdraw from the entire process. I will no longer be involved in the selection/election of Chairmanship aspirants in the forthcoming local government election. I wish all the aspirants success in their endeavors. Shalom!

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