If the highest aim of a captain is to preserve his ship he would rather keep it in Port forever, despite the huge investment embarked on by Hon . Lawal Muhammadu Idirisu in making sure the party before 2015 came to stay in Ajaokuta he remained resolute and operate an open door policy accept blames , take corrections, share ideas and run an all inclusive Government never minding you work for him or not what other quality do we need from such a Leader.

Ajaokuta youths let us trade with caution especially if you have benefitted directly or indirectly from a Leader appreciate him so that he can do more don’t use your greed , selfishness to block others please.

We should be mindful that today is Hon. Lawal Muhammadu Idirisu but tomorrow might be your turn the level of attack melted recently to defame him is totally out of place and beyond expectations. In a civilized society and a Democratic set up criticism is allowed but devoid of sentiment, tribe and greed constructively.

A true test of a Leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency Hon. Lawal Muhammadu Idirisu had created a legacy that inspires others in the nearest future to do more and learn more . Aside politics he was able to reduced youth restiveness by citing a West African Ceramics Company in Oguro , Niger bridge where more than 4000 youths today were employed and almost 250 contractors. This is enough to appreciate him .

It is said sometimes you put wall up not to keep people out but to see who cares enough to break them down. To the youths our relationship with the Leaders should not be a yard stick to gang up against them, what happened recently might have taught most of our Leaders a lesson and they may not have trust for us anymore.

It’s indeed very funny that some people you had a bullet for are the ones behind the trigger Leadership is not a popularity contest don’t gather people to achieve your aim using an attack with insult.

For those party loyalists and faithfuls who stood tall by me to received some insults kindly ignore almighty Allah will judge.

The general public are hereby inform to disregard all the recent attack by some faceless group as the Leader of the group James Bornagain and the Secretary Abdulhamid Ivavah came out openly on some social media platforms that the attack was masterminded to defame Hon. Lawal Muhammadu Idirisu who has been up and doing to ensure he deliver dividends of Democracy to his people.

A word is enough for the wise

Signed Yahaya Prince Yunusa SA on Media to Hon. Lawal Muhammadu Idirisu Member Representing Ajaokuta Federal Constituency

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