Akaaba Receives Meritorious Award For His Midas Touch On Security Matters From NNMA.

Akaaba Receives Meritorious Award For His Midas Touch On Security Matters From NNMA.

Ajaokuta LGA was a hostile place for the inhabitants and commuters in 2012 to 2015. The roads & bypass that linked Ajaokuta to her nearest town became a permanent site for heinous crimes of all kinds, & the citizens of the area tremble in fear as the then Government left us to our faith even when we couldn’t help it.

In Year 2015, a Divine grace fell on kogi state as Messiah Alhaji Yahaya Bello emerged as the Governor of Kogi State. Left to me alone, I will say God brought Yahaya Bello because of the safety of Ajaokutans alone. The Governor who has been adjudged and awarded as the best security conscious Governor in Nigeria today bestowed the council leadership on one of his mentee named Akaaba Aliyu Mustapha

Hon Akaaba a one time victim of kidnapping understands the pains & dangers inherent in his contituents, yet unattended to by the Past Goverments, it is against this backdrop that the young man took the bull by the horn & launch dexterous formidable security strategies. His personal effort in fetching out those committing heinous crimes along Okene-Ajaokuta road can not be overemphasised. He did not delegate or abdicate his responsibility of keeping Ajaokuta safe, he had to shelve all his official paraphernalia and actively led a team of vigilantes in conjuction with Nigerian police in fishing out criminals unleashing unquantifiable mayhem on the people, thereby sending morbid fear to the spine of the citizens of Ajaokuta LGA & commuters, this fight continued till these criminals were vanquished & many of them were caught & brought to justice

Those who are very much inclined with the impeccable leader of the state Government like my humble self has never been surprise about the security track records of Hon Akaaba Aliyu Mustapha all through his days as Administrator of the Local Government, Of course what do you expect when his political godfather, the youthful and resourceful GYB hold priority for security matters

When Akaaba became the Executive Chairman of the LG in 2021, I was fortunate to have an interractive session with him were he said “I believe that society can be best built by firm leadership decisions and actions with zero tolerance for crimimality, which will eventually become firm foundation for generations yet unborn & he vowed never to relent in fighting insecurity within and across the LGA”

On The 17th of March 2021, Hon. Mustapha made national headline today because his tenure as Administrator of Ajaokuta LGA was dotted with glaring achievements in terms of security of lives & properties.

Congratulations The Grand Security Ambassador Of Nigeria for the effective leadership & plausible imprints we enjoin you to continue on this pedestal as you will continue to act to hypes & admiration of all & sundry.

Abdulhameed Ivavah, writes from Ajaokuta, Kogi State.

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