Alleged 7 Billion Naira Isolation Centre: Ohikere Condemns Unverified Utterances

Alleged 7 Billion Naira Isolation Centre: Ohikere Condemns Unverified Utterances

The recent rumour going round in Kogi state regarding the alleged 7 billions naira spent on Covid-19 Isolation Centre by the Bello’s administration is not only cheap but unpatriotic and act of mischief by political jobbers who are bent at defaming the state at all cost.

Addressing newsmen yesterday in Abuja, Hon. Tom Ohikere, a two time commissioner of Information and APC Stakeholder in Kogi state refutes the information as false saying that the said Isolation Centre which is at the Federal Medical Center was built for Lassa Fever for the institution by the State Government. “The Federal Medical Center approached the State Government to help them put in place an Isolation Centre where Lassa Fever patients could be kept before their transfer to Management Centres” and was never meant for COVID-19 and it is unfortunate that some falsehood merchants are peddling ridiculous figures around as the cost of the centre, even without any papers or even the evidence of the Governor’s statement to that effect.

Recall that Kogi state till this moment has no record case of covid-19, it is rather unimaginable that Kogi will spend such amount on Covid-19 even at its present poor resources and Lagos the epicentre of the Covid-19 virus with its reach economic status have not spent such amount on Covid-19.

The State Government has recalled the Contractor to come and fix the damaged Isolation Centre. Storm destroys permanent structures. So it shouldnt be strange if a temporary Isolation Centre is affected by storm, he said.

“Kogi doesn’t have such resources and even if we do, they shall be expended on infrastructure and economic expansion program which have been the hallmarks of the Governor Yahaya Bello administration”.

And called on those sharing the falsehood to reevaluate their rationality and hearken to the need for all men and women of goodwill to come together at this critical time to defeat the virus instead of spreading rumours that are inimical to the fight against the deadly Covid-19 virus.

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