AMOTEKUN: Kogi Ahead Of South West In Vigilante – State Govt.

AMOTEKUN: Kogi Ahead Of South West In Vigilante – State Govt.

In the wake of the commencement of Operation Amotekun security outfit by the South West States, the Kogi State government said it will strengthened its own border to avoid infiltrations by external forces.

Special Adviser to the state Governor on Security, Commandant Jerry Omodara (Rtd) who spoke on behalf of government said the state being at the central of the country may experience some infiltration by run away criminal from the South West.

Omodara said, “What the South West governors are doing now in term of Amotekun is nothing different from Vigilante. Its only in name that its different. Kogi State is well ahead of them in term of setting up its vigilante.

“We are also aware that Kogi State may experience influx of people especially now that Operation Amotekun has taken off in the South West. You know Kogi is not only in the centre of the country but also shared borders with nine other states.

“What we planned to do is to strengthened our borders to guide against influx of criminals who may be running away from these south west states.

“We are a responsible and responsive government and we are not going to allow external forces destroyed the good work the stage governor, Yahaya Bello has put in place in term of security. He has invested heavily on security and has won many awards including from the Inspector General of Police; as the Best Governor on Security. We will continue to save our people and their property. There is no cause for alarm.”

Omodara also said the state Governor has directed each of the 21 local government areas of the state to form a semi form of Vigilante at their respective council areas.


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