Brutalizes Army Officers Wife Cries Out For Help (Video)

Brutalizes Army Officers Wife Cries Out For Help (Video)

ONE Sgt. Abdulrazaq Moshood, a Military officer with Command Army Records Charimaigumeri
Lokoja in Kogi State has been court-martialed by the Nigerian for allegedly assaulting his wife and his six-month-old baby.

The victim of the assault identified as Mrs Firdause Abdulrazaq while demanding justice from Nigerians, said she had been suffering in the hands of her husband since 2014.

Mrs Abdulrazaq, who admitted that she has no home or business, told newmen that she has to cry out for help, to put an end to the domestic violence meted on her by her husband.

It was gathered that Sgt. Abdulrazaq Moshood after beating his wife, inflicting her with bruises, drove her out of the house with their six-month-old son and two-year-old daughter.

Mrs Abdulrazaq who converted to Muslim because of her husband narrated her ordeal to newsmen “My good people of Nigeria, all I want is justice. I have suffered in the hands of this man since 2014. Since I converted to Islam, it has not been easy for me. He always beat me as he liked, and treated me like an animal.

“Me and my two children are suffering. We need justice. Justice is all I want. The good people of Kogi State, the Muslims organization, I am also pleading and asking for your help and support to help me get justice and put an end to this domestic violence. It has not been easy for me and my two children.

“This man, I don’t know what will come upon him, but God knows the best. I need justice. Me and my two children are suffering. We have no home, no business and no place to stay. I have a two-year-old baby and six months old son. Right now we are on the street. We are pleading and we are asking for help.”

Mrs Abdulrazaq’s 2-year old daughter confirmed that her dad usually beat her mum alongside the six-month-old baby with wire.

The baby in a video said she cried out to her dad to let go of her mum when this was happening in their house.

However, some Non Governmental Organizations, including Challenge Parenthood Initiative, CPI, National Human Rights Commission, NHRC, FIDA, WRAPA, AONN/RECAN who have been following the case of Mrs Abdulrazaq confirmed the arrest and court-martial of Sgt. Abdulrazaq Moshood.

Speaking on Wednesday, the Executive Director, Challenge Parenthood Initiative, CPI, Ms. Eunice Agbogun told our correspondent that the NGOs pursuing the case will seek justice for Mrs Abdulrazaq.

“Yesterday I received the report of how one Sgt. Abdulrazaq Moshood a Military officer with Nigerian Army Records Charimaigumeri barracks, Lokoja Kogi State beat, battered and physically assaulted his wife and her six-month-old baby and drove her away from the house together with her 2-year-old daughter and 6 months old son.

With the intervention of National Human Right Commission, FIDA, WRAPA, AONN/RECAN and CPI, the woman and her 2 children were provided a temporary shelter, while the case was officially reported in writing and delivered to the commissioner of Police. Similar effort to reach the Commandant Nigeria Army Record suffered a little set back, but we later succeeded. The 2-year-old baby when interviewed was able to confirm to us how her father beat her mother and brother with bulala.

“On our return to her house last night to pick some of her clothes and to hear the side of the husband, we discovered that in addition to the normal key with which the door was locked, was also a handcuff just to deny the wife access into the house.

In continuation of the petition, the team of NHRC, FIDA, AONN/RECAN, CPI and WRAPA were at the State CID with Firdause Abdurazaq and her children to document her statement.

“The team proceeded to Charimaigumeri barrack to deliver a letter of petition to the Commandant Nigeria Army Records. The challenges of gaining access into the gate took the intervention of the Commissioner of Police who was contacted by my humble self. The team eventually scaled through and the letter was delivered.

“While the accused was immediately court-martialed and instructed to report every one hour to 2nd Lt. S S Felix pending the outcome of the investigation, Firdause, and her children were properly secured awaiting today, 8.30 am when she will be documenting her statement. Kudos to every one for all the tremendous support to ensure Madam Firdause and children get justice,” he stated.

Effort to speak with the spokesperson of the Nigerian Army, Command Army Record, Charimaigumeri Barack, Lokoja, proved abortive as of the time of filing this report.

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