Busted: Kogi Commissioner for Finance Plot to Arm Twist APC Excos to Endorse Younger Brother, for Yagba East Chairmanship Ticket

Busted: Kogi Commissioner for Finance Plot to Arm Twist APC Excos to Endorse Younger Brother, for Yagba East Chairmanship Ticket

By Sedan Babatunde, Isanlu

Following the disbandment of the local government administrators in Kogi state by Governor Yahaya Bello, Hon Abdulrasak Ijagbemi Asiru, the ex-Administrator has since been embattled and finding it difficult to find his level in the political schemes ahead of the forthcoming Local Government Election in the state.

Sensing his imminent rejection and indifference of the people of Yagba East to his ambition to contest the chairmanship of the Local Government, he has decided to enlist the services of his elder brother, Mukadam Asiwaju Idris to assist him force an involuntary endorsement from the entire Ward Chairmen of Yagba East LGA and Local Government Excos.

Some selected Ward leaders are expected to be ferried to Lokoja, the state capital, today for a cash-induced endorsement of the younger Asiru.

The aim is to create false impression that he is popular and enjoys wide acceptance by his people back home against contrary belief.

One of the Ward Exco member who contacted our source on the plot alleged that Mukadam Asiwaju Idris Asiru may have set aside a whopping amount of money to induce those that will be participating in the phantom endorsement as he has swung into action by frantically making telephone calls to the ward chairmen and some selected political leaders, ordering them to come to Lokoja today for a meeting meant to armtwist them in achieving their mischievous plan.

It was gathered that Asiwaju would be ready to dole out between 100 thousand and 150 thousand each as a bait for participants in the fanthom endoresement exercise which is billed to happen today, Monday.

Asiwaju Idris Asiru was also alleged to have contracted one Chief Lanre Adeshina to lead the group with the promise of a handsome reward, after which they will be handed placards to display before leading them to address a press conference where they will reel out frivolous claims and reasons why they are in Lokoja to endorse Rasko all in a bid to create a mischevous impression to Governor Yahaya Bello that the Ex-Administrator is popular at home.

However, the truth remains that the good people of Yagba East have had enough familocracy in the local government. Across the ten wards in Yagba East, the belief is same and people are united in their agitation against the chairmanship aspiration of Alhaji Abdulrazaq Ijagbemi Asiru.

His aspiration is viewed as offensive, insensitive and provocative.

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