CORRUPTION: SERDEC Drops Crucial Message To Nigerians

CORRUPTION: SERDEC Drops Crucial Message To Nigerians

LOKOJA – The Socio Economic Research & Development Centre (SERDEC) has called on Nigerian to get involved in the fight against corruption, and stopped placing unnecessary demands on elective people.

The organization said the fight against corruption will continue to be a mireage if Nigerian keep focusing on those holding elective or appointive positions; stressing that attention must be beamed on individuals as well.

Mr. Tijani Abdulkareem, the Executive Director of SERDEC, gave the advise yesterday in a press statement made available to newsmen in Lokoja.

Abdulkareem said, “Most times we see corruption as act perpetuated within the circle of government. How accountable are citizen, what are we doing to discourage corrupt practises.

“Government keeps implementing laws to fight corruption with minimal achievement. Citizens blame the government for corruption, yet promotes tribalism, favouritism, religious bias, nepotism, bribery, faulty reward systems that rewards the wrong people and celebrates those with money without care for where their money came from.

“Citizen mounted pressure on their relatives, family and friends in administrative positions.”

Abdulkareem said the actions and inactions of the ordinary citizens helped weaponized the act if corruption, “You have motivated them through you continuous pressure on them to steal from the government treasury so they can give to you. You have promoted the false ideology of eating the national cake. You have promoted corruption.

“These sort of behaviours which for long have been overlooked are the causes of corruption. How can we end this and put our country back on the track of development? Let’s unite against corrupt behaviour, let’s say no to impunity

“As we hold our leaders accountable, let’s hold ourselves responsible.”

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