Open letter to His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello on the need for fairness, equity in the forthcoming Council Election: Why Ogbe Ward in Yagba West LGA should be most favoured.

Your Excellency,
The Executive Governor
of Kogi State.
Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello.

Your Excellency, Kindly accept our warmest congratulations on your well-deserved victory at the Supreme Court.

Your Excellency, your victory at the Supreme Court recently is not only well deserved, it only further affirms the will of Kogi People who turned out in their large numbers to overwhelmingly vote for you on the 16th November, 2019.

Furthermore, Your Excellency, we the people of Ogbe Ward in Yagba West LGA make bold to say, Kogi State under your leadership has witnessed an unprecedented transformation and we are not in doubt that your tenure has surpassed previous administration’s in the provision of gains of democracy to the people.

Your Excellency, we equally wish to commend your courage in the setting up of the State Independent Electoral Commission. The efforts to conduct Council polls in the State come December 12th, 2020 is another feat your administration also seeks to achieve.

Your Excellency, one salient feature of your administration is your strides in equity, fairness and justice. Your administration has not shied away from ensuring that every segment of the State is giving a sense of belonging.

Your Excellency, the Council Election is by the corner and we in Ogbe Ward wish to bring to your attention the facts of the matter as it relates to Chairmanship position in Yagba West LGA.

It is on record that Ogbe Ward, is dominantly an APC Ward since 2015 and has not had the privileged opportunity in the whole of Yagba West to have been elected or appointed to the Council as Chairman.

Your Excellency, it is in the Spirit of fairness, equity and justice that we humbly seek to draw your attention on the need to have Ogbe Ward a taste of becoming the Council Chairman.

Permit us to state that going by elections results and performances, no Ward in Yagba West has the capacity to stand Ogbe in commitment and outcome of winning overwhelmingly. Ogbe Ward Your Excellency has never lost any election for the APC. The records are there and glaring for your verification Sir.

It is on the above basis of our unalloyed, unflinching support and love that Ogbe Ward solidly stood with His Excellency by making sure we did not compromise on all our elections since your Excellencys coming on board.

Your Excellency, Yagba West LGA is made up of fourteen Wards, seven Wards in Egbe metropolis known as Town Council and Seven Wards in the suburb also known as Area Council.

Based on our rotational arrangements and the understanding in Yagba West politics and the performance of Ogba Ward vis-à-vis other Wards, it has become expedient that Ogbe Ward be allowed to produce the next Council Chairman.

Your Excellency, out of the seven Wards in the Area Council namely; Ere, Ogga/Omi/ Odoara, Igbaruku, Iyamerin, Okoloke/Isanlu Eas/Okunran, Ejiba Wards, only Ogbe Ward is still outstanding to either get appointed or elective Chairmanship position.

Your Excellency, Ere Ward comprising Odo Ere Akata/Oke Ere has had the Council Chairman not quite long ago with Hon. Makanjuola aka Fantasy/ Hon Tunji Aro appointed for 11 month’s, Ogga/Omi/Odo Ara Ward had Hon. Pius Kolawole appointed for 18 months , Eri/Okoto Ward also produced Chief Agbana while Elder Oshatimehin represented Ejiba Ward.
Igbaruku/Iyamerin Ward, has had their slot also when Hon.Adeyemi Asaje was the Chairman. Your Excellency, it is important to state that since 1999 under the present democratic practice, only Okoloke/Okunran/Isanlu Esa and Ogbe Ward has never produced a Council Chairman. Yagba West House of Assembly in the recent dispensation produced Hon. Lawal represented Okoloke/Isanlu Esa/Okunran Ward.

Your Excellency, while the APC was heavily defeated in the February 23rd general and the other elections held in Yagba West in the State even during the November 16th, 2019 Governorship elections, Ogbe Ward stood solidly for the APC, reason why it should be considered to produce the next Council Chairman in the forthcoming Council Election.

Your Excellency, while it is important to state that right from democratic practice, beginning from Oyi LGA, we make bold to State that only Ogbe Ward is yet to partake in the governance of the Council as Chairman, yet in every general elections from the time of APC till date, Ogbe Ward has delivered well above 75% to the APC.

Your Excellency, we trust in your meticulous disposition as we are aware that the APC had lost woefully in the six remaining Wards even in Oga/Omi/Odo Ara Ward and others that had political appointments under your administration.

Your Excellency, without mincing words, we are consoled that your understanding of Kogi politics would not require us to bore you with rhetorics, as we trust your sense of meticulousness, fairness, equity and justice in ensuring that the goose that lays the golden egg in Yagba West LGA is given a sense of belonging in the forthcoming Local Government Election.

We look forward to your Excellency’s positive judgment as the people of Ogbe Ward in Yagba West LGA anxiously waiting in taking their turn as the next Council Chairman in Yagba West LGA of Kogi State.

Once again your Excellency, continue to count on the support of Ogbe Ward in Yagba West LGA of Kogi State as we await your intervention in giving a sense of belonging.

Ogbe APC Stakeholders/Members

CC. APC State Chairman.
CC. APC Kogi West Leader.
CC APC Zonal Chairman.
CC. APC Y/ W LGA Chairman.

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