Covid-19 Self Assessment Code: Ohikere Lauds The Proactive Initiative Of Kogi State Government

Covid-19 Self Assessment Code: Ohikere Lauds The Proactive Initiative Of Kogi State Government

As the fight against the deadly Covid-19 virus becomes intensified by the day, the recent launching of Covid-19 self assessment code by Kogi state government begins to rain accolades from within and outside the state, similarly a two time commissioner of Information of Kogi, Dr. Tom Ohikere lauded the initiative, a risk assessment tool initiated and launched by the Kogi state government to contain the spread of the virus.

Speaking with journalists yesterday on the fight against coronavirus by the federal and state government, he said the effort of Governor Yaya Bello on this initiative is a great idea and is worthy of emulation considering the challenges of testing for the virus. “seeing Kogi state taking this bold step to champion the solution and to be a pace Setter to this global pandemic despite the fact that the State has not recorded any case of Coronavirus is commendable “.

Describing the Technical lockdown of Kogi State, an intelligent approach by the governor. He said “if basic livelihoods cannot be secured, a comprehensive lockdown is not practical. Poor people will prefer the lottery of infection over the certainty of starvation”. Adding that so far the Kogi state COVID-19 sensitization campaign has yielded good results and need to be applauded.

But what the government did was to carry out serious sensitisation about the possible symptoms of Covid-19 and how to use the app to assess your risk level. Whoever is exhibiting any symptom, if you just simply log on to that app and follow the simple instruction, you will know whether you should come for any test or make any adverse report.”

Recall earlier when Bello was asked why Kogi State is yet to order total lockdown even as neighbouring states recorded so many cases of COVID-19 recently, he said, “FCT is not the only state close to us. We have ten borders, and we have technically shut down and enlightened our people. By technically shutting down, we are not locked up.”
Kogi State has not recorded any case of Coronavirus.

As Kogites we are indeed proud to see Kogi state set the pace for Global 21st Healthcare delivery.
The state Government has received multiple accolades for the launch of Covid-19 web and mobile applications to ascertain the risk level of citizens, who then receive immediate medical attention, this app is not a diagnostic tool but a risk assessment tool to help the state squadron collate contacts for immediate medical attention.

While many have politicized this, it has received both local and international commendations as the app has been reportedly used by over a 100,000 Kogites. Many contacts have been traced via the same web platform, using the Kogi Covid-19 advanced data/Control Room. The app can be accessed by dialling 73719#.

On test centers, the state is currently awaiting validation of her Gene Xpert and PCR machine for Covid-19 testing.

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