COVID19: I Did Not Share 5 Bags of Semo As Palliative For My Constituency – HON. Lawal Idirissu

COVID19: I Did Not Share 5 Bags of Semo As Palliative For My Constituency – HON. Lawal Idirissu

LOKOJA – Member representing Ajaokuta Federal Constituency, Hon. Lawal Idirissu has debunked the story that he shared three bags of rice per Ward for people of his constituency as palliative for the COVID19 pandemic.

The lawmaker said on the contrary what he shared was way beyond that, stressing that the story which has gain wave in some media houses was spread by his political enemies trying to tarnish his good name.

A statement by his media team on Tuesday reads apart, “More than 24 hours now, we have been undated about story relating to the Member, House of Representative for Ajaokuta Federal Constituency sharing ‘Just’ three (3) bags of rice per ward for people of his constituency as palliative for the Covid19 pandemic.

“THe masqueraders even took a step further in some onlines media and social media not only by castigating the gesture but expressing that two of the bags would have been taken by the Chairman and Women leader of the wards, with only a bag left to be measured by milk tin for the populace.

“While we may choose not to answer the peddlers of lies knowing fully well the angle which they speak from, it is pertinent to set the record straight in order to disabuse the mind of innocent people who may be misguided about the lawmakers and his intends for his peoples.

“This kind of attack of calumny by some disgruntled elements is not knew to him. He has been their subject of attacks since 2015 when he won election as House of Rep member. But it is baffling how any right thinking person will dismantled a kind gesture just to score cheep political goals.

“For the avoidance of doubt, what the lawmaker shared for his constituency was way beyond what was peddled.

“This main distribution of food stuff is quite different from is monetary donation to individuals who requested for assistance since the lockdown.

“It is quite unfortunate that the distribution of foodstuff which is a laudable gesture on his part is now being misrepresented by his political foes. We considered the attacks as the satanic vituperation coming from agents of fake news in line with their grand plan to incite the public against the personality of the lawmaker.

“In his benevolent characteristics and as a responsive lawmaker he has thought it wise beyond giving sanitizers by providing quality succor at this trying moment across the globe.

“It is on records that in the last six years even before his days as a federal lawmaker, Hon. Lawal have been with his people in various ways. Hon. Lawal is committed to doing more, and bears no competition to impress or display juvenile disposition in the name of political relevance.

“Without blowing trumpet, Hon. Lawal is the only one who has risen to the support of his people by providing succour in this trying period despite the constituency boosting of more than 10 appointees in the state cabinet.

“We implore newspaper houses not to allow their medium to become a willing tools in the hands of political actors whose stock in trade is the ‘Pull Him Down Syndrome”. A fact checking and balance story would have revealed the truth…and truth they say is sacred

“Hon. Lawal will not compromise the welfare of his people for anything.”

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