E-LEARNING: Instrat Global Health Solutions Partners Leads University, APCA to train Nigeria Medical Students

E-LEARNING: Instrat Global Health Solutions Partners Leads University, APCA to train Nigeria  Medical Students

InStrat Global Health Solutions partnered with University of Leeds and the African Palliative Care Association in 2019/2020, to offer Pain Management Training Courses to final year medical and dental students in Nigeria.
The Pain Management course represents the first comprehensive use of eLearning to supplement face to face training in Nigerian Universities.
Participating Universities included leading Colleges of Medicine including College of Medicine, University of Lagos; College of Medicine, University of Nigeria; Aminu Kanu Teaching Hospital, Bayero University; College of Medicine, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital and College of Medicine, Ebonyi State University Teaching Hospital.
VTR Mobile is a full-service e-learning web based and mobile application developed to train anyone, anywhere, anytime, using Android/IOS phones and tablet computers and laptop/desktop computers. VTR Mobile offers multi-media training content including text, audio and video-based training material.
The test taking and instant results generation functionality validates that learning is taking place and supports certification documentation. VTR Mobile also features moderated discussion board that allow questions to be answered and ideas to be exchanged.
With the world evolving, and organizations and institutions exploring better ways to facilitate and enhance learning at a reduced cost and at a faster pace, while also increasing productivity and knowledge retention, e-learning becomes an absolute must as it provides learners with an exceptionally rich learning experience.
The VTR Mobile Training application was designed to surmount the financial and logistical barriers to Continued Education, training of health professionals and capacity building of personnel in Africa as a result of low government, institutional and personal budgets; gaps in network connectivity and fast pace of information evolution. VTR Mobile Platform has been deployed at scale in multiple sectors, countries and across Rural, Urban, Off-Net, On-Net locales settings.
VTR Mobile was first introduced in Nigeria in 2016 and has been used to train thousands of health professionals in multiple settings, from tertiary care hospitals to primary health centers in Nigeria. It has found applicability in University settings such that it has been used to supplement face to face learning in Nigerian Universities, wherein learning curriculum is often over-laden and some content are not taught and eventually dropped off the curriculum.
The study concluded with a total of 273 students completing all sections of the e-training programme. It was evident from the outcome of the study that distance learning (e-learning) can enhance traditional learning methods and increase students’ knowledge.

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