Ebira people demands rotation of Kogi Council of Chiefs Chairmanship

Ebira people demands rotation of Kogi Council of Chiefs Chairmanship

EPA calls for the rotation of chairmanship of the Kogi state council of chiefs.

Ebira People in Kogi State has called on the Kogi state government for the rotation of the State Council of Chiefs chairmanship position.

President General, Ebira People’s Association, Dr. Abdulrahman Adeiza who spoke on behalf of his people in a press statement issued in Lokoja yesterday which copy was made available to newsmen.

He noted that the group proposed the rotation of the chairmanship of the state traditional council among Ebira area traditional council, Kotonkarfe/ Lokoja area traditional council, Igala area traditional council and Okun area traditional council.

He stressed that every part of the state agrees to the fact that there has been equitable distribution of political appointments/leadership roles by the current occupant of Lugard hall.

He added that this has contributed largely to the relative peace, declining suspicion and hatred among the component ethnic groups in the state.

According to the group, in order to sustain the assurance of unity and sense of belonging, EPA is of the strong opinion that restricting the seat of the chairmanship of the council of chiefs by a senatorial district for over twenty nine (29) years is a threat to the current fragile peace in the state.

“Kogi state is of plural ethnic setting and none of the ethnic groups has been known to conquer the other. The current practice relegates other kingdoms or chiefdoms to a slavish status of mere vassals

“It has the potential of fueling crisis among the ethnic groups in the state as it divides state along tribal sentiments. We hasten to add that the rotation of the chairmanship of the traditional council among all the kingdoms will avail the restore a lasting peace among various tribes in the state as it will create a sense of belonging and recognition among the first class chiefs and even thier subjects,” he said.

The group also mentioned that it removes the perception about a superiority of one ethnic group over the others, it increases understanding and unity among all the tribes.

He said it also foster unity and engender more rapid development and ensures a positive step towards further democratisation of all institutions with it’s attendant dividends in the state.

“It makes each occupant of the seat productive to the council as everyone would want to leave a legacy behind.

“We therefore reiterating the demand of EPA on behalf of the good people of Kogi central that the demand for the rotation of the chairmanship of the traditional council is both constitutional and legitimate as it is clear today in Nigeria that no tribe rules over another in any state as each ethnic group is recognized on the basis of their reign and existence.

He said the state traditional council law should define the tenure of every occupant of the seat that where an area traditional council has more than one eligible candidate for the position, such area council should make arrangement to rotate the position when it comes to it’s turn.

“This proposal is in recognition of each area traditional council having a distinct setting with their cultural linguistic affinity. It is therefore our fervent prayers and hope that the Kogi state government will propose an amendment to the relevant act of the state house of Assembly to consider the genuine concern of the Ebiras who are the leading ethnic group in Kogi central and enjoys presence in such other states as Edo, Niger, Nasarawa, Ondo, Benue and FCT.

“While wishing every Kogite a prosperous new year in advance. We hereby once again reiterate our stand as earlier submitted in a memorandum to the Transition Committe of the Governor-elect Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello (as he then was) in 2015 on rotation of chairmanship of the state council of chiefs with a view to consolidating on the peace and unity of the state,” the statement added.

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