Gov. Bello of Kogi, A Unifying Leader In Politics of Inclusiveness – Prince Onyekehi

Gov. Bello of Kogi, A Unifying Leader In Politics of Inclusiveness – Prince Onyekehi

The record breakers and trailblazers are known and identified by their unmatchable track records and tremendous achievements with their indelible footprints in the lives of the people and in the annals of history.

Such is the Executive Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, a pacesetter Governor in modern Nigerian politics of equity, fairness and inclusiveness, whose under his leadership Kogi State has recorded a tremendous and remarkable levels of success in all sectors of the economy which will go down in the annals of Kogi and Nigerian history.

Prince Abdulkareem Onyekehi Suleiman, the Special Adviser to Gov. Yahaya Bello, on Special Projects and Focal Person, National Social Investment Programme (NSIP), spoke extensively to our Correspondent on the remarkable achievements of his boss, His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza, the Executive Governor of Kogi State.


Speaking on equity and fairness, Onyekehi noted that Gov. Yahaya Bello has broken the jinx of years of tribal and religious divides which had become the norms under the past Administrations since the creation of Kogi State.

”There are three monsters affecting the progress of Nigeria, which are: Tribalism, Religious sentiments and Class stratification, and His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Bello has broken the jinx of these monsters in Kogi State. This is the kind of unifying leadership Nigeria needs to succeed”, he said.


Commenting on women affirmative and youth empowerment in the state, Prince Onyekehi said that the governor being a vibrant and dynamic youth himself has empowered many youths and women across the state.

He explained that the governor has brought many youths and women on board in terms of appointments and the day-to-day running of his government right from his first tenure till now.

He noted that the governor has engaged over 3000 youths through skills acquisition programs, and over 6000 job creation for youths in Ministries of Health, Agriculture, Environment, Vigilantes, Revenue Board among other agencies.

According to Onyekehi, the gender advocate governor rewards women in recognition of women’s active participation in politics, campaigns and elections and most importantly the fulfillment of National Gender Policy, saying he is the first governor in Nigeria that recognizes the highest percentage of women in public governance.

”The Secretary to the Kogi State Government, the Head of Service, Kogi State Civil Service, and the ADC to the Governor are all women.

”The governor appointed women as Commissioners, Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants, and Chairmen of Boards, among several other appointments.

”Gov. Yahaya Bello as the leader of Kogi APC has lined up 21 women as Vice Chairmanship Candidates ahead of the Dec 12, 2020 local government elections in the 21 LGAs in the state.
The governor has also directed that 3-4 councillorship positions in each of the LGA across the 21 LGAs be reserved for women.

”That wasn’t all, the governor has also directed that all the House Leadership positions of the Local Government Coucil across the 21 LGAs be reserved for women.

”There has been no Governor in the history of Kogi State and Nigeria that has done this great and uncommon opportunities to women in recognition of women participation in active politics, campaigns and elections.

”Most importantly the first governor in Nigeria to fulfill national gender policy of ’35 per cent Affirmative’ which demands that 35% of women be involved in all governance processes.

”Governor Yahaya Bello, is a unifying leader with inclusive governance that truly belong to everybody”, Onyekehi reiterated.

The Special Adviser further told our Correspondent that the governor has also executed many projects while some are ongoing across state.


He said that the governor has built structures for some State’s Ministries and Agencies such as: KGIRS, SDGs, Graphic Newspaper, and Ministry of Transport office complexes.

Others are the rehabilitation of Ministry of Justice complex, House of Assembly complex, new construction of Secretary to the State Government (SSG)’s quarters, rehabilitation and new construction work at Government House Lokoja, and rehabilitation of Confluence beach hotel ongoing.


Speaking on Rural Electrification project, Prince Onyekehi, said that Gov Yahaya Bello had made tremendous achievements in rural electrification project across the state, such as electrification projects; such as Lokoja, Banda to Korto Karfe project and Abejukolo electrification project which had long been completed and commissioned.

He added that Ogbabo, Araba, Emewe, Abocho electrification projects completed with about 16 communities benefitted from it, which have been put to use.

”Operation Light Kogi East comprises of nine local government areas is ongoing vigorously, and Ogori Mangogo electrification projects completed and commissioned”, he said.

Onyekehi further added that the governor had also provided over 300 new transformers for communities across the state.


Commenting on road project across the state, Onyekehi said that His Excellency had acquired 11 heavy duty machines for the Miinistry of Works and Housing, such as bulldozer, payloader, grader and other essential construction machines.

He explained that the governor completed the Lokoja township road within one year in office and rehabilitation of roads within the Command Army Records (CAR), Chari-Maigumeri Barracks Lokoja.

”Construction of Ife Olukotun road ongoing, construction of Ibana-Okpo-Ogugu-Ette road almost at the completing stage, and construction of Eiyika-Itakpe-Okene road have been completed and commissioned.

”Ankpa township road completed and commisioned by His Excellency, construction of Ejule-Umomi-Ugwolawo-Ajaka-Idah, Ipaku-Adavi-Uvete-Inorere, and Agassa-Okene roads are almost completed.

”Ankpa to Abejukolo road projects awarded, and various Okene township roads and construction of Obehira-Ihima-Obangede road are ongoing”, he said.


Water they say is life! Onyekehi reaffirmed the commitment of Gov. Bello to ensure that the residents of the state enjoyed regular portable water supply.

He noted that the governor has given the approval for the rehabilitation of Okene Water Works with Recreational Centre which is currently ongoing.

He said that His Excellency has provided over 200 boreholes across the state, adding that the reconstruction and reticulation of Osara dam for water supply to the people of Kogi Central is ongoing.


Reacting to the governor’s achievement in the area of health, Onyekehi said that the governor had injected N1.2billion into the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) projects through which many healthcare projects were executed.

According to him, the projects include the construction of 12 new Primary Health Care Centres across the the senatorial districts, renovations of various Primary Health Care Centres across 21 LGAs, procurement of 12 referral ambulances, drugs & consumables, and provision of 6000 delivery kits for vulnerable pregnant women across the state.

”His Excellency has also awarded Five Reference and General Hospitals across the three Senetorial Districts of Kogi State, in Okene, Kabba, Ajaokuta, Idah, Anyigba and Gegu.

”Construction of Administrative office complex and renovation of Specialist Hospital Lokoja is ongoing”, he said.


Speaking on security, the Special Adviser noted that the peoples’ oriented governor has remained committed to the security of lives and property of the residents of Kogi and has been fighting against insecurity with 100 per cent attention.

According to him, the governor has acquired over 200 patrol vehicles and donated to Security Agencies including the police, army, civil defense, navy, road safety and state vigilantes to boost security in the state.


Addressing educational development in Kogi, Onyekehi said that education has been one of the key priorities of the present Administration under the able leadership of His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Bello, and as such he had made huge investment in education sector in the state.

Prince Onyekehi revealed that over 350 GYB Model Primary school blocks had been constructed across the state.

He added that the governor had also made provision of class rooms and Administative blocks at school of health idah, rehabilitation and construction of new hostel at school of Nursing obangede in Okehi LGA”, Onyekehi said.

He noted that the governor also deserved a great commendation for the establishment of the new Confluence University of Science and technology (CUSTECH) Osara, which has been approved by the National University Commission (NUC).


Reacting to the governor’s commitment in Agricultural sector, Prince Onyekehi said that Gov. Bello remained committed to making Kogi State becoming the food basket of the nation.

According to him, the governor has empowered many rural farmers with the required incentives to encourage them in active farming especially during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

He added that the governor had also procured more than 100 tractors for farmers, adding that the Omi Rice factory had been completed and running.

Summarily, Onyekehi highlighted ten (10) Unique Qualities about the Executive Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello’s personality that stand him out among other Nigerian Governors.

According to him, the unique qualities include:

  1. A predestined Governor in Nigeria
  2. The Youngest Governor in Nigeria
  3. The first Governor in Nigeria to confront 19 court cases and defeated all in first and second tenure from tribunal to supreme courts.
  4. The first Governor in Nigeria to appoint largest number of youths in leadership.
  5. The first Governor in Nigeria to appoint another tribe as his Chief of Staff.
  6. The first Governor in Kogi State to equitably distribute appointments and capital projects across the three senatorial districts.
  7. The first Governor in Kogi State to break the jinx of tribal and religious divides.
  8. The first Governor in Kogi State to invest heavily on security, health sector, education, road infrastructures and youth empowerment.
  9. The only Governor in the world who stood his ground and refused to trade his people for whatever benefits during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  10. The first Governor in Nigeria to reserve elective positions strictly for women as follows; women will be occupying positions of all Vice Chairmen and Council Leaders and some Councilorship seats in all the 21 Local governments areas (LGAs) of Kogi State.

All the achievements enumerated are just a tip of an iceberg compared to more developmental projects that are in the pipeline for the good people of Kogi State under Gov. Bello’s exemplary leadership.

His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello, the Executive Governor of Kogi State is no doubt ”A Pacesetter In Modern Nigerian Politics of Equity, Fairness and Inclusiveness.

”Conclusively, I will like to re-emphasise that all the projects mentioned above are verifiable for those who are interested to know and to all investigative journalists”, Onyekehi concluded. END

Hon. Abdulkareem Suleiman Onyekehi, the Special Adviser to Kogi State Governor on Special Projects, and the Kogi Focal Person of National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) writes from Lokoja.

Hon. Abdulkareem Onyekehi, the Special Adviser to Kogi State Governor on Special Projects, and Kogi
Focal Person, National Social Investment Programme (NSIP)

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