Hold Joe Agada Responsible If Any Evil Befall Me – Former Gov. Idris Cries Out

Hold Joe Agada Responsible If Any Evil Befall Me – Former Gov. Idris Cries Out

Former Governor Ibrahim Idris has called on Security operatives to hold a member of the Peoples Democratic Party and former Army officer, Noe Agada responsible should any evil befell them or their family members.

The former Governor spoke on the sideline of threat messages by the former Army officer following the fallout of legal action by his son, Abubakar Ibrahim over who is the rightful owner of the last year PDP guber primaries.

The outcome of the primary was declared inconclusive last Thursday by a state High Court. A development that has sent tongue wagging with some persons calling for the head of the former Governor.

But the family in a quick reaction through its media office on Saturday specifically accused Agada of speaking with ill mind and inciting public attack on him and his family members.

The statement read apart, “Since the court made pronouncement on a case filled by Abubakar Ibrahim challenging the declaration of Engr. Musa Wada as winner of the Sept. 3rd 2019 Kogi People’s Democratic Party, PDP Governorship Primary Election, many tongues have been wagging.

“Abubakar had approached the court to help him retrieve a mandate he believes belong to him from Wada. But the judge declared the primary inconclusive. As expected, the judgement has elicited diverse reactions from the public. While some of the reactions have been reasonable, others have been emotional, seeking to whip up sentiments against the Ibro political family.

“One of the most ridiculous came from one Capt. Joe Agada. In a reaction that has gone viral in the social media, Agada whose discharge from the Army is inglorious, used the court ruling to ventilate what is clearly an age-long bottled up anger against the patriarch of the family. Among other things he doubted the Igala ancestry of Alhaji Ibrahim Idris and incited the public to an uprising against him. He said “the end has come” for Ibro and that “the only thing he deserves is to be stoned anywhere he suffices in our land.”

“Much as we are not eager to join issues with Agada and his band of distractors, we wish to clarify as follows: Abubakar’s decision to seek legal redress is within the confines of his fondamental human rights as a citizen of this country. He felt cheated and rather than take the law into his hands, opted to drag his offenders to court. He did not seek to rock the boat of his political party or ethnicity as being painted by his enemies. Instead he sought to strengthen internal democracy within the groups.

“Agada’s description of Alh. Idris as an ‘illiterate’ is simply turning logic on its head. The former soldier, whose mode of discharge from the Army is questionable reserves the right to hate Idris. But that right does not include maligning his character and falsifying his hard earned profile. For the records, the former Governor is an alumni of the University of Abuja, where he studied law and graduated 2004, one year after he assumed office as Governor of Kogi State. Certainly, a man with such pedigree is not and can not be an illiterate.

“Agada’s incoherent incitement against the former Governor is reckless, unfortunate and tantamount to crying more than the bereaved. Yet, the import of his recklessness and infamy is not lost on us. We therefore warn that should any evil befall Idris and members of his immediate or extended family, Agada should be held responsible, more so in the light of his boast that ‘his end has come.’ We call on the security agencies not to gloss over Agada’s threats, but to beam their lights on him. After all, a disgruntled soldier is not better than a criminal on the loose.

“We leave Agada’s hallucinations about Idris’ origin as a product of a confused mind bent on tarring an innocent soul with his brush of destruction. We are aware that notwithstanding his pretensions, the unknown soldier is losing his temper over his inability to assume the ‘Chief of Staff’ office, which a phantom Governor Musa Wada allegedly promised him.

“We urge the public to dismiss the viturperation as a product of frustration and reassure that Abubakar Ibrahim will by the Grace of the Almighty GOD pursue the dream of retrieving his mandate from usurpers to a logical conclusion. He will not succumb to intimidations.”

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