Hon Leke Abejide:- A pragmatic Law Maker In Nation Building

Hon Leke Abejide:- A pragmatic Law Maker In Nation Building

By Sikiru Segun

The world is full of aspiring political leaders but some are born great, some achieved greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.

The major responsibility of anyone in leadership position is keeping on eye on trend so as to be able to know what the future portends.

If good track record is a reasonable acceptable way to measure and predict the future, it is obvious that yagba federal constituency could reasonably predicted for greatness.

Hon Leke Abejide is no doubt, a testimony of good leadership quality. A man of high intimating record of excellence, he is an epitome of honesty, integrity and transparency in his legislative assignment.

This is why he has maintained his identity and has continued to be consistent in his struggle for the supreme task of his constituent to give hope to the hopeless, strength to the weak and protection to the defenceless.

Hon Leke Abejide is a man of strong moral standard, who has the qualities usually associated with international acclaimed leaders.

He is a consistent man of industry with courage and fairness, transparency with propriety in conduct, a stickler for integrity and a widely respected and trusted legislator.

Hon Leke Abejide has the strength of a charismatic leadership, he has mentored a lot of people who follow him, not out a sense of duty but out of conviction.

He is a courageous leader that inspired confidence in his constituent, he had courage of his conviction.

He never lied in all his institution he had passed through because he respects the confidence imposed in him by the good people of yagba federal constituency.

His political integrity has remained unquestionable and he is a shining light and confirmed relevant in the murky waters of political landscape in Nigeria.

Hon Leke Abejide political philosophy is hinged to services of humanity and this is why he has found his niche in the stratum closest to the people.

He is sympathetic to the condition of the “talakawas”, and unrelenting in his struggle to improve their condition.

He is highly committed to raising the educational and economic conditions of the Masses.

Hon Leke Abejide represented all the ideas such as justice, freedom from oppression, ignorance, poverty and respect for human dignity.

Yet, Hon Leke Abejide is touching the lives of millions around the world remain simple and humble. He has discovered God’s purpose for his life. Having located is mission; he is running with the vision.

Whatever happens, the flame of our father’s resistance must not and shall not die.

God bless Nigeria!
God bless Yagba federal constituency.
Comrade Sikiru Olusegun writes from Isanlu

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