Insecurity, Economy: Christians Must Remain Focused on Jesus Christ – Pastor Onu.

Insecurity, Economy: Christians Must Remain Focused on Jesus Christ – Pastor Onu.

A Rising General of the Gospel of Christ and a Reverend Prophet of God, Pastor David Onu of The King Liberation Embassy Ministry in Lokoja, Kogi State Capital has Called on Christian Faithful to get Focused on Jesus Christ the one and only pillar of True Blessings and Prosperity saying that it’s only when a man stayed focused on Jesus that he can experience Real blessings and prosperity as Jesus is source of of all blessings and the channel through which All human being can really get to dwell in Godly blessings and Divine prosperity.

The Young Clergyman who took his text from the book of 2 Kings chapter 2verse 1 — 15 said that ” The only Channels of blessings is Jesus Christ,

he noted that” To be blessed is to Be focus on the only Pillar of Blessings Which is Master Jesus “You Must Remain Focused on your goals in life in order to get into your own channels of blessings, 2 king 2;1 — 15.
Pastor David added that On our way to our channels of blessings as children of God, people are there to gossip us and distract us with side talks, Nothing that we must remain Focused, Hear me clearly; beginning from this moment, people who rejected you will start celebrating you.
He Reiterated that, Jesus can never stop loving us “What then Will separate us as children of God from the Love of Christ Romans 8;35”.
Pastor Onu Admonished All christian to stay focused and committed to the love of Jesus Christ as that is the only way to survive the ragging storms of insecurities in Nigeria and the only part to both earthly success and Divine prosperity

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