Senator Smart Adeyemi of Kogi West senatorial district has called on the Federal government to considered constructing wall across Nigeria borders in its quest to tackling the insecurity challenges bedevilling the country.

Adeyemi spoke on Tuesday in Abuja at the sideline of the Inauguration of Senate ad-hoc committee on Security, set up to look into the precarious insecurity situations confronting the country.

Adeyemi who was the first senator to mull the idea said the insurgency and other security challenges confronting Nigeria has overwhelmed the current conventional method of combating them, hence the need for Nigeria to think outside the box in providing a solution.

He said erecting Wall across the borders will not only give quality assurances on securing the nation but will also generate income for Nigeria as well as give room for more employment opportunity.

According to him, “The insecurity in Nigeria is beyond the old conventional method of combating insecurity. We must start thinking outside the box. Nigeria must have a Master plan towards building walls across the country’s border.

“Foremost, Nigeria has nothing to lose in building the wall. We are not going to import water or sand or cement or coal to do it. And we also have the Ajaokuta Stell that Preisdent Buhari is making frantic efforts to revamped. We have all the resources needed for the project in good and commercial quantity.

“Aside that, building the wall will give room to more income for the country and generate massive employment when you considered the numbers of soldiers, police and other security personnel that will be drafted to mount those walls.”

The third time senator who also hinged his call on the ground that those perpetrating the killings and causing insecurity in the country are not Nigerians, but illegal immigrants; drew historical and biblical allusion to buttress his point.

“In time past, all the old empires have wall across their borders – the Kano empire, Oyo Empire, Zaria Empire or Benin empires all erected walls. Let’s not forget that even the Bible recorded Jericho wall, and history also spoke about the Berlin wall; all these are for security purposes.

“We may not complete building a wall across our borders in one, two or three years, but the time is ripe for the country to consider a Master plan towards building the wall. Every efforts channeled towards fighting insecurity will continue to be a mirage if we failed to safeguard our borders properly.”

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