INSECURITY: YOU HAVE MADE US PROUD: Olomo Rains Encomium on Senator Adeyemi

INSECURITY: YOU HAVE MADE US PROUD: Olomo Rains Encomium on Senator Adeyemi

**Says he’s following Gov. Bello’s footsteps on security

It was an outpour of encomium on the senator representing Kogi West senatorial district, Senator Smart Adeyemi following his truthful outburst on the state of insecurity in Nigeria on the floor of the national Assembly on Tuesday.
Emotionally laden Adeyemi has called on the President to seek international help in tackling insecurity which he described as presently worse than the civil war.
This position has earned him commendations from his people who praised his courage, bravery and stand with the common man on issues that many fear to speak about.
At home, his constituent has continue to eulogised him saying his disposition is a reflection of what a senator should be.
Speaking at the home front, Chief Kayode Adegbayo populary called Olomo described Adeyemi as a true face of Kogi West and a senator the axis is always proud of.
He said the senator’s disposition bears resemblance to the position of the state governor, Yahaya Bello who had tackled insecurity in the state with all his might and has recorded many plus in that section.
“We are not surprised at all by the position of Senator Smart Adeyemi. He has made us proud, and we are happy that we have him at the National Assembly.
“Senator Adeyemi has shown that he has all it takes to represent us well and has continue to make us proud. We stand by him and eulogised him for taking that position.
“The senator’s position is a reflection of what is obtainable in his state, where the governor has continue to fight insecurity headlong, and has recorded many plus in that regards.
“Governor Yahaya Bello has shown capacity to tackle insecurity. Kogi today, is one of the peaceful, if not, the most peaceful state in the country.
“Aside the flashes of crime on the Federal highways that passes through the state occasioned by outsiders, in view of the fact that the state shared border with nine other states of the federation; Kogi state has continued to enjoy peace at all front.
“Little wonder the governor has received many awards in term of security and has been beckoned by many to come and lead the country; knowing fully well that he will reciprocate the security strategy he used in Kogi for the nation.
“We will continue to stand with Senator Smart Adeyemi as he continue to bear the toga of a true representative. It takes a man with a heart of gold who loves his people and country to speak in such manner.
“I want to specially thank our son, Adeyemi. He has done well. And the people of Kogi West has no regret sending to the Upper champer of the National Assembly.
“We also appreciate the governor for ensuring that Kogi is safe. His efforts in that sector has yielded positive results. People of the state sleep with their two eyes close and we urged him not to relents in that regards.
“The first and basic responsibilities of any governmemt is the security of life. Governor Yahaya Bello has not failed in that regards.”

senator Smart Adeyemi emotional outburst on insecurity in Nigeria
senator Smart Adeyemi emotional outburst on state of insecurity in Nigeria
Engr. Kayode Adegbayo Olomo

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