Kogi Council Election: What should inspire Yagba West LGA in choice of Candidate?

Kogi Council Election: What should inspire Yagba West LGA in choice of Candidate?

Very soon the whistle would be blown for the Council Elections in Kogi State.

It has become imperative to draw the attention of the people of Kogi West LGA on what should inform their choice of who is the next chairman.

For now, the coast is becoming clearer amongst the gladiators that Hon. Osanaiye Francis Oluyori seems to have the qualities the next chairman of Yagba West LGA should possess.

Amongst the many jostling to be chairman of the next Council in Yagba West LGA, we make bold to ask the people to look at the following before arriving at a choice candidate.


The level of Education an individual possess without mincing words should be a vital requirement for the next chairman.

A Cursory look at the educational credentials of Osanaiye Francis Oluyori has what it takes to be able to give us good representation at all levels and secure for us our entitlements .

The world is a global village that whosoever occupies such position should be able to relate with others publicly and at meetings.


That Osanaiye Francis Oluyori has contact and exposure is not in doubt. Looking at administration in Local Councils, the place of having a man who sits atop our Council with vast exposure cannot be overstated.

Empowerment/ Job Creations.

A cursory look at Youths, Women and Elderly Empowerment shows that you can’t beat the reach when you compare the impact of Hon Osanaiye Francis Oluyori in Yagba West LGA. It is on record that he has touched lives in many more meaningful ways when compared to other aspirants.


That Hon. Osanaiye has integrity to his name is not out of place. His life is a mirror and that is what leadership represents.

We therefore urge our people to be mindful of whom we are and not just allow personal greed to be mortgaged on the altar of excellence, good name and above all integrity

Administrative Comportment:

Hon. Osanaiye can be described as a man with administrative capacity, whose comportment remains unrivalled. The time to have a chairman who can be the mirror of Yagba West LGA in and out of office is now and that put Hon. Osanaiye Francis Oluyori ahead others.It is important to state that Ogbe ward where Osanaiye Francis Oluyori hails from has been 75% APC in all the previous election. This feat was achieved by his coordinated effort reasons why he is better placed in terms of his qualities, capacity to deliver, qualifications, comportment and the fact that Ogbe ward has never produced an elective or appointed Chairman.


The above are some indicators needed by our next chairman to move Yagba West LGA forward and it is hoped that if put side by side the person and antecedents of Hon. Osanaiye, he fits rightly and properly as our next chairman.

This opportunity should not be allowed to miss us as opportunity lost cannot be regained. As such to all well-meaning people of Yagba West LGA, the time to call a spade a spade is now as it is about our future and that of the coming generation.
Once again, Yagba West LGA would be great with Hon. Osanaiye Francis Oluyori.

Elder Solomon aka PEEF
Ejiba, Yagba West LGA,
Kogi State.

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