Kogi Council Of Chiefs: Rotating Chairmanship Position, A Call For Disunity

Kogi Council Of Chiefs: Rotating Chairmanship Position, A Call For Disunity

Kogi Council Of Traditional Rulers: Can A ‘Yesterday Chief’ Be Made Chairman Over An Ancient Monarch?

The recent attitude of Ebira People Association (EPA) and their sponsors is aimed at disturbing the peace and unity of Kogi state. They may have forgotten that Igala, although hospitable and peace loving, is not a fool not to react if pushed to the wall. Kogi state is currently battling with kidnapping, banditry and political unrest but instead of looking for possible ways of addressing the menace, they are agitating for chairmanship of Kogi state traditional council. Dr Abdulrahman Adeiza and his team need to be reminded that Ebira has no kingdom. Ohinoyi of Ebira land is rather an Ambassador of Ata Igala created by Ata Igala to represent him among Ebira. One may ask whether there are no more historians and elders in Ebira land to educate the ignorant ones among them. Kogi state style of politics is shameful and childish. If a female child knows the importance of vagina she will not feed it with sand. It is now clear that Dr Abdulrahman Adeiza and his team lack the knowledge of the importance of African tradition and cultural heritage therefore dragging the old traditional procedure into desperate and tribal politics. How can one explain the call to make an ambassador to Ata Igala to be made chairman over him? How can a yesterday chief be made chairman over an ancient monarch? Such call is a call for disunity among the peace loving citizens of Kogi state. I call on all the sons and daughters of Igala nation to remain calm as we shall be monitoring the situation closely.

Omale Monday, Founder/BOT Chairman, Igala Nation Builders

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