Kogi Govt. Planning To Pay 30% As April Salary – Council Workers

Kogi Govt. Planning To Pay 30% As April Salary – Council Workers

Civil Servants in Kogi State has called on the state government to rescind the alleged planned decision to pay 30 percent of salary to Local Government workers across the state.

The workers under the auspices of League of Concerned Local Government Workers In 21 LGAs made the call on Wednesday in a statement signed by the coordinator and Secretary of the group, Samson Amodu and, Mr Olagoke Babatunde respectively.

The group said the officials of the ministry of Local Government have been holding series of meeting with union leaders at that level to curry their support for the payment of the 30 percent.

“It is shocking why government want to embark on such a dangerous path. The 50% salary paid to local government workers in itself was a gross violation of all known labour laws.”

They noted that there was no shortfall in allocations to state and local governments as announced by FAAC, adding that there is no basis for anybody to contemplate reducing the percentage of salary which was not sufficient before.

“Such planned action by the government at this period of COVID 19 which has brought difficulties to the citizens, will have a very serious backlash on the image of the state government.

“While Federal Government and other states are giving palliatives to their workers and citizens to cushion the effect of COVID 19, reduction in percentage of salary shouldn’t be the palliative Kogi State government gives her citizens.

“We urged union leaders at the local government level to shun personal interest by rejecting whatever incentives given to them by government to endorse such an obnoxious plan that will only bring deaths and untold sufferings to workers at the grassroots.”

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