As kogi West 2023 Senatorial Election draw closer, it’s of good note to remind us that at hand no better hand or person than to return Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi back to the red chamber.

The truth remains the more you stays in that seat the more the rop in your neck, that means he stands a better chance to be a principal officer if re-elected. As long the rop is in your neck more dividends of democracy you will draw to your Constituency.

A good example of the reasons to return DSSA is the likes of Senator Omo’agege, the current Deputy Senate-president who has through his valued office has brought notable Development to his Constituency in Delta State, a federal polytechnic and many among legacy Projects he has easily delivered for his people which a First timer will not even smells.

Senator Ahmed Lawal, the current Senate-president is another good example for the returning of Senator Smart Adeyemi back, today no Senator has the high influence of delivering federal government Projects to the Constituency as he seat in the decision-making class of this nation.

Just a reminder, as at the time Senator smart Adeyemi returned to the Senate for his third terms, many juicy table has been allocated, immediately he assumed office covid’19 came in with lockdown paparazzi, it’s everywhere that he spent good 10 month for different litigation just to retain his mandate, supposing he came in as the time others started in 2019 i can assure you he would have been a principal officer by now, but God knows the time has not come for such.

Succinctly, there is no better time than this time if returned, he is a high-level ranking member, very vocal and vibrant, bold and brave, knowledgeable technically know-how in legislative business, highly exposed and respected by all at the Senate. He has this formidable lobying strategy spirit for us to build on by returning him.

Honestly, among the persons jostling for the ticketing in kogi West APC, Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi is not starting afresh, he is not going to be at the elementary school of thought of the red chamber’s tricks and manner.

With him back is a louding Development at hand for us to stands-on, kogi Westerners should please think about this and not to missed this great-developmental grace nocking at our door in 2023.

I put this together for us in kogi West to decide our tomorrow because this is very important and necessary to choose a known bird at hand than 1million birds in the bush.

Let’s jointly return ADEYEMI back for a purposeful representation and the needed-kogi West rapid improvement.

No agenda is good at this time than the glory ahead for kogi Westerners.

This is just to let you know the importancy of returning smart Adeyemi for a good assignment between 2023-2027.

Don’t be decieved, smart is a better option.

Written by :
Yagba Youths concern.

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