NASC crisis: Ohikere Faults Plots To Replace Sani-Omolori

NASC crisis: Ohikere Faults Plots To Replace Sani-Omolori

The Nigeria’s public sector has become an epitome of all that is corrupt, fraudulent and self-egoistic, leadership crisis prevalent at all levels of decision-making has further deepened my imbroglio.

Ohikere said this following the recent interplay of the leadership crisis rocking the National Assembly Service Commission (NASC) and the plans to replace the current clerk of the house, Alhaji Mohammed Ataba Sani-Omolori

The context of leadership, governance, nation building and development administration is intricate and inseparable, it reflects on the national development processes. Warren Bennis, a leading authority on leadership, once stated that ‘leadership is like beauty: it’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it.

Without any illusion, Mohammed Ataba Sani-Omolori, the incumbent Clerk to the National Assembly (CNA) is a rare germ who has done creditably in changing the landscape of the National Assembly since assumption of office on the 16th May, 2016. Within this short period everyone can attest to his dexterity towards up-scaling the facilities and technological proficiency of the bureaucracy and workforce in general.

Under his watch, definite landmark transformation has taken place, ranging from massive renovation of the buildings, improved security, parking lots, among others. He also introduced the click-in tech for across the institution with a workforce of over 5,000 legislative workforce within the system. Never can one forget to mention the introduction of Open Week which gave ample opportunities to Nigerians, CSOs, CBOs to interface with the members and management of National Assembly.

Prince Sani-Omolori of the Royal Family of former Ohinoyi of Ebiraland, the late Mohammed Sani-Omolori is a consummate lawyer, an accomplished technocrat, a great philanthropist and a servant leader whose leadership traits date backs to his early days as a youngster while in school. His humility endeared him to several of his contemporaries in his school days

Going through his work and professional experiences, one cannot but acknowledge the propensity of Sani-Omolori towards making National Assembly a hub of democratic institution across Africa.

Nigeria rarely elect competent people into political offices, and yet, after every election, they spend the next four years complaining bitterly about bad leadership even though their action or inaction facilitated it and now the plots to replace a leader who had been impacting efficiently on the administration of the national assembly been alleged that he usurped the powers of NASC to extend the tenure of some senior staff of the National Assembly, an exercise which he allegedly benefitted from is not enough to replace him.

The chairman of (NASC), Ahmed Amshi, should have a rethink on the matter considering the fact that the tenure elongation exercise carried out by Omolori was the collective interest of the NASC.

For some humorous analysts to be tempted to say that the blue-blooded CNA, who is also the Ciroma of Ebiraland, brings an unfair advantage to his brief is only but the usual Nigerian tactics employed by some mischieves to perpetuate their sectional and tribalistic agenda.

The Indefatigable, purposeful and result-oriented CNA has pushed for better and improved welfare of staff members. He encouraged a well-trained workforce to withstand the rigours of administrative and legislative work together with the related demands of lawmakers through training and re-training initiatives and programmes as well as periodic retreats for brainstorming and recreation and should be allowed to continue his work for the interest of the Nigerian public.

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