Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi’s bid to occupy Nigeria’s seat of power come 2023 continues to get unceasing boost, this time with the call by the North Central Chapter of “Operation One Nigeria” who has prevailed on the Governor to run for the presidency. The group argued that the North Central region deserves to be given that desired sense of belonging in the affairs of the Nation.

The Group through its spokesperson Terwase Unyi amplified the call in a communique issued to press at the end of the group meeting at the Merit House, Abuja on Tuesday. Adding that equity and fairness were what the region was demanding for and as a viable part of the country which hosts 90% of the deposit mineral resources, it was fair that the region is considered in the choice of who becomes the president come next presidential elections in Nigeria.

The group reiterated the gateway role of the region as the connecting link of cohesion between the south and north of Nigeria. Adding that, the north-central region has professed more commitment to the stability of Nigeria, that at no time had it resorted to a call for its disintegration.

‘The region stands committed to the unity of Nigeria, we demand no secession or republic, we submit totally to the authority of the nation but demand like others the instrument of equal right as citizens. Our demand is explicit, power should come to the North Central region in 2023’. The group harped.

He affirmed that what they were asking for was a sense of belonging and the opportunity to lead as they were willing to make the difference and desired that youths take up leadership roles.

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