ONE YEAR IN OFFICE: Gadaffi Eulogize Hon. Abejide For Superlative Performance

ONE YEAR IN OFFICE: Gadaffi Eulogize Hon. Abejide For Superlative Performance


Hon Leke Abejide is evidently one of the best legislators Yagba federal constituency has ever had.

If you look at what the legislator has achieved, it is something any other person that requires to measure up would have to double his efforts.

Talking briefly about his achievements, he has delivered in terms of education, roads, employment, empowerment, agriculture, security, human capacity building and legislative assignment.

We want to believe that, he will not only be rewarded in this world but he will find a very good results in heaven.

The Holy Books says that when you keep public trust given to you and you work for the people with their trust, not for your own benefit but for God, you will be rewarded accordingly.

Hon Leke Abejude is straight forward person who has the love of his constituents at heart.

Prudence, commitment and reliance on his trusted subjects are some of the virtues associated with him.

He has always wanted to make his constituency to be the best among the committees of other constituency in Nigeria. And whatever he can do to make it the best, he will do.

He took some very challenging decision and followed through with them. One thing about him he plans very well.

His ability to plan is very high and this, I believe, is one of the reasons was able to achieve what he achieved.

As the Director General Hon Leke Abejide foundation, I sincerely congratulate the good people of Yagba federal constituency and the financial Leke Abejide foundation on the successful completion of one year in office with legacy.

I prayed for God Almighty to bless you in all your affairs and bless Yagba Federal constituency. Amen.

Signed :-
Chief Shola Adebola Samuel.
D.G. Hon Leke Abejide Foundation.

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