By Prince Donak.

Certainly the impressive performance of Hon. Prince Mustapha Aliyu Aka’aba, the incumbent Executive Chairman of Ajaokuta Local Government, Kogi State, did not come to us as a shock or surprise to those that know much about his enviable pedigree.

Hon Aka’aba’s leadership virtues is inherent, and this has consistently been proven to the admiration and satisfaction of his people. All indices point to the facts, that Hon Mustapha Aliyu is a consummate leader with magical wands. His unbridled passion for people’s welfare and development of man power is described by numerous sources as “legendary” & Above all, fear of God and humanity sterling attributes of the young Prince has obviously earned him unquantifiable respect, adoration and affection among his subjects and the political class within and beyond Ajaokuta Local Government Area.

In what appeared to be a divine pre planned life sojourn, the young chap by prerogative of God was born into the royal dynasty of Alhaji Aliyu Aka’aba of Ebira ruling class in Ajaokuta, a royal family known for its leadership dexterity on August 8th, 1984. Little wonder why young Mustapha Aliyu’s impressive leadership style is inherent.

Little Mustapha Aliyu was enrolled at NIOMP Staff School, Itakpe, and thereafter proceeded to Abdulaziz Atta Memorial College, Okene, all in Kogi state. In his quest for further education, & he left the shores of kogi state in 2000 and moved to Kurama Senior Secondary school, Victoria Islad, Lagos, where he studied from 2001 to 2004 for his General Certificate in Education GCE.

After gathering some business skill as a Manager at Nuhu Suleiman & Sons in Lagos, he opted for his university education at the prestigious Nasarawa State University, keffi, Nasarawa State where he finished his first degree programme in Political Science within a mandatory spate of 4 years.

During his days in the university and even at his mandatory youth service at the supreme court of Nigeria, Abuja, the indefatigable Mustapha had started exhibiting a great deal of sterling traits of leadership.

As an undergraduate student at Nasarawa State University, he served as a member and Kogi State Coordinator of the Northern Youths Movement for Positive Change, in addition to his membership of Kogi Youths Arise Group.

As a starting point, and based on his meritorious service at different levels including Kogi State Civil Service Commission, his state Governor who doubled as his political leader, the Executive Governor of Kogi State saw the leadership and political efficiency in young Mustapha Aliyu, and thus entrusted in him on the 6th May, 2016, the leadership of Ajaokuta Local Government as Chief Administrator.

At the expiration of his tenure on 1st March, 2020, Hon Mustapha left the office with impressive performance record. Spurred by his performance, & his political leader, Governor Bello offered him another opportunity to serve as his Senior Special Assistant on security matters representing Ajaokuta LGA.

Of course, he couldn’t afford to fail based on his in born leadership traits & hallmarks desires for enviable track record, Hon Akaaba Mustapha knew what he wanted, and he did not waste time. He speedily and efficiently activated all the security networks within his capacity and area of jurisdiction which brought about a valid security system that provided for the safety of lives and properties till date.

Having proved his mantle, and to the delight of the Ajaokuta indigents through the support of his political leader, Governor Bello and the people of Ajaokuta at large, Hon Mustapha Aliyu was nominated as a flag-bearer of All Progressives Congress (APC) for the position of Executive Chairman of Ajaokuta Local Government in December 2020, Hon Mustapha Aliyu won his election with a wide merging against his opponents and was sworn as Executive Chairman of Ajaokuta Local Government on 14th December 2020.

We have no doubt, that Hon Akaaba Aliyu Mustapha will judiciously use the office of Executive Chairman Of Ajaokutaa LGA to add more feat to his enviable leadership imprints.

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