OPINION: Silver Jubilee ; When Ojogba Honored His Excellency, Alhaji (Chief) Abubakar Ibrahim Idris As Ochada Onu’Ife, Igala Nation Concedes.

OPINION: Silver Jubilee ; When Ojogba Honored His Excellency, Alhaji (Chief) Abubakar Ibrahim Idris As Ochada Onu’Ife, Igala Nation Concedes.

The road that leads to Abejukolo Ife,one of the famous igala native towns came back to life after over a decade,at the 25 years anniversary of the paramount ruler of Ife Kingdom,HRH Chief Boniface Usman Musa and the conferement on a former PDP Governorship aspirant,a Business man and philantrophist,Alhaji(Chief) Abubakar Ibrahim Idris, the traditional title as the Ochada Onu’Ife to mark the occassion among others.

Abejukolo,the headquarters of Omala local government is the local government area were the former Governorship aspirant hailed from,and had campaigned vigorously among other things during the build up to the November 16 Governorship election in Kogi state.

Coincidentally, as the son of the soil and son of the former Governor of Kogi State,Alhaji Ibrahim Idris,the occassion did not attract the indigenes of the area alone,but people from all walks of life,far and near,as well as the political class of all shades and opinions both within Kogi state and beyond.

The two days event that was kick-started with the conferement of the chieftaincy title on Alhaji (Chief) Abubakar Ibrahim Idris and other prominent sons of Igala land,started on Friday the 26th of February,2021.

But before the event,many political followers, business interests and supporters thronged both his offices and residents in Abuja,Lokoja, Anyigba and Abejukolo to show solidarity and supports on the honour bestowed on him by the Ojogba of Ife.

This was different from the preparatory stage that started few days to the event, that relived the activities of both Abejukolo and it’s environs for the singualr occassion.

Between Thursday the 25th and Friday the 26th of February,the roads that led to Lokoja,the state capital,Anyigba and Abejukolo became a beehive of activities with heavy vehicular movements, as hotels in the area were fully booked to attend to visitors of both the conferement and Silver Jubilee.

As a devouted Moslem,Ahaji (Chief) Abubakar Ibrahim Idris was welcomed by a tumultuous crowd both in Anyigba and Abejukolo for the grand occassion and coronation.

He started the event as he attended the weekly juma’at prayers in his ancestral town, Abejukolo Central Mosque were the Chief Imam of the central Mosque prayed for long life to the former Governorship aspirant and his followers,as well as the return of good old days to the ancient town of Abejukolo and Igala land.

He also prayed fervently for the former Govenor,Alhaji Ibrahim Idris for the new Central Mosque project, developement of Abejukolo,the local government and the entire Igala land,Kogi state in general.

In his usual character,the former Kogi Governorship aspirant saw the need to extend his gratitude to numerous traveler’s far and near that took time to attend the event of his conferement.

This include business associates,friends, contemporaries,political associates,politicians of different shades and opinions as well as thousands of supporters who waited at his residence to catch his glimpse.

This is in addition to side attractions of local dancers and singers, artistes,pro Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim Idris political family and family members of the former govenor and the title holder both from within and outside the state.

The event also attracted members of the most vibrant association of both the elites and prominent sons and daughters of Ife Developement Association IDA from Lokoja,with representatives from Lagos,Kano,Abuja,Jos, Port-Harcourt,Enugu, Ibadan and other parts of the country including the diaspora to honour both Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim Idris and the Ojogba.

According to some members of the IDA,the attendance was mandatory because of the singular honour bestowed on former Kogi Governorship aspirant, Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim Idris to detonate the insinuations as the son of the soil.

‘We are here with delegates of this formidable body all over the world to prove to the Igala nation,kogi state that we are happy with the singular honour given to our son ,Former Kogi Governorship aspirant,Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim Idris,as Ochada Onu’Ife’, Tokula as he refused to mention his name.

‘As you are aware,many events led to this developement,be it political or otherwise,but today we are proving to the whole world,that he is our son,and we are pleased with him to form part of our supreme council of traditional heritage.’ He further said.

‘Let the Igala race know from today,that your own is your own,no matter what devoid of political divide,we honour him for his prominence,his contributions to the economic and political developement of Ife kingdom,as we expect more from him,in the nearest future’ He muttered.

At the Grand event of the coronation of Alhaji (Chief) Abubakar Ibrahim Idris,heaven was let loose,as it took his entourage over 30 minutes to drop from his car for a homage to the host residence,The Ojogba of Ife, HRH Chief Boniface Usman Musa.

The new title holder,His Excellency Alhaji Ibrahim Idris slipped out of the car to a rousing reception at the palace of Ojogba,as it took securtiy agencies combined efforts to the venue of the auspicious occasion.

With him sitted and others to be confered ,the Ojogba single him out for his courage and determination to take Kogi state to greater heights,as well as his developmental efforts both at the local government and state levels.

He urged him not to relent in his quest for an egalitarian society and human development as well as the emancipation of all parts of the state.

HRH urged him to rededicate himself to the promotion of the culture of his community and indulge on more communal services he was known for over time.

In his response, Alhaji (Chief) Abubakar Ibrahim Idris thanked HRH and Ife kingdom for the singular recognition and honor done him,promised to reciprocate by redoubing his efforts to do more for the betterment of the immediate Communities and the society at large.

He also extend his gratitude to all and sundry that took time to attend the occassion,said the honour done to him was unquatifiable.

Soon after the chieftaincy conferement,he took time to attend a rousing reception at the residence in Abejukolo, were many dignataries were treated to sumptuous meal after the occassion.

As a community leader,and new member of the Ife traditional council,Alhaji (Chief) Abubakar Ibrahim Idris attended the silver Jubilee of HRH ,The Ojogba of Ife and promised to advance the traditional Institution and the culture of the land.

He bared his mind on the need for governments at all levels to give more attention to the traditional Institutions,and spelt out more roles for our traditional class.

He promised to do more in the area of development, empowerment and encouragement of our teeming youths into embracing a profitable ventures.

Alhaji (Chief) Abubakar Ibrahim Idris used the opportunity to extend unreserved gratitude to many Nigerians,the people of Kogi state and numerous supporters,followers and allies that created time out of their tight schedules, to attend the program of his installation as Ochada Onu’Ife,Tokula…

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