OPINION: The Post-Apocalyptic Narrative Of Brewing Conflict Between Governor Yahaya Bello And Dr. Tom Ohikere –

OPINION: The Post-Apocalyptic Narrative Of Brewing Conflict Between Governor Yahaya Bello And Dr. Tom Ohikere –

The Post-Apocalyptic Narrative Of Brewing Conflict Between Governor Yaya Bello And Dr. Tom Ohikere – follows a familiar political story line of mistrust, enmity, namecalling and provocation between opposed camps.

This is a story begging the question whether to follow the regulative moral codes that govern everyday social behaviour or the friend/enemy dynamics of politics and war that will win the day. The underlying theme suggests that when the normal rules that govern everyday behaviour (Reconciliation) are deemed no longer sufficient to conduct life, politics as an exception in its various forms emerges.

These processes are often controversial; those praised by some commentators as appropriate and constructive responses to past conflict are dismissed by others as undermining the moral or political conditions for just and peaceful relations. While some see these values as compatible and mutually supporting, others argue that, especially in the immediate wake of conflict, parties must often choose between reconciliation and enmity.

Been able to reconcile yourself to the fact that you have cancer is to live better with the belief that you do. The nature and degree of improvement required to qualify as reconciliation for any particular context is a matter of disagreement among theorists or conflicting interest.

That is, on some accounts, two parties will count as reconciled only if their better future relations result from their having satisfactorily dealt with the emotional, epistemic, and/or material legacy of the past. While the outcome of reconciliation is oriented toward a future marked by peaceful and just relations, the processes of reconciliation are typically oriented towards buring the continuing bad feelings, suspicions, or harms that were created by the conflicts and injustices of the past.

In an interview with Dr. Tom Ohikere, an APC Stakeholder, a two time commissioner of Information of Kogi and a notable voice in the Kogi Central politics regarding his present stand with the leadership of Governor Yaya Bello he openly agreed of his past differences with Bello and that he had long buried their differences for the collective interest of the Kogites whom Bello represent.

“At this my age, experience and exposure, i can’t be questioned on my liberty of political association and expression of my opinions. This is the hallmark of true democracy.”

But be that as it may, Bello’s first term has proven beyond doubt that he is ready to work to build a new Kogi that we all can be proud of as Kogites, we can see a whole lots of improvement in his leadership style evidence in the infrastructural development of the state and the total revamping of the economy of the state, all these are enough for me to drop my personal pride and support his good work for the state, personal interest shouldn’t be allowed to overide our collective interest of making Kogi better, he said.

However, one shouldn’t forget the infallible nature of mankind which is subject to the imperfections of the human life circle and the inevitable challenges of the world.

According to Ohikere, presently and even the 2019 General election had explored all the available internal measures provided by the state and his party to address any differences in his opinions on state matters and the activities of the government instead of his past approach of being to public and addressing the media at every stage of crisis of interest in his first term.

” I have chosen to be sincere and committed to my state, my party and my immediate constituency of Kogi Central and therefore fully with Governor Yahaya Bello. While I was against him I didn’t hide it and now that our party and people brought us back in reconciliation I will not be able to do anything contrary to the realignment and victory achieved already”.

He said the 2019 Gubernatorial election in Kogi state was one of the most vigorous campaigns he had ever been involved in and the victory recorded with return of Governor Yahaya Bello is a thing some of us are guiding very jealously with very keen interest, anything that will make the system work and achieve the best possible results is in his interest and he is not out to be anti-system but to be progressive politician with fervent believe in the prospect of his party, Kogi state the Ebiraland. On this factors he is ready to be a sacrificial lamb and prepared to be source of reference.

The problem with the few players murmuring over nothing in Kogi State is emanating from their futile attempts and failures in the last elections in the state. They have not forgotten or forgiven the governor for his victory, but this is not the way to go, there’s need for us to have a common ground and forgive each other so that together we can move the state forward which I believe was the dream of every candidate that lost out in the election.

Ohikere said it was a difficult decision to jettison Barrister Babatunde Irukera, his initial favorite for the 2019 Gubernatorial election in Kogi state but after the reconciliation attempts by some leaders in Governor Bellos camp, he saw very concrete reasons why to reconcile with the Governor. It was a very costly decision to leave Irukera because of his immense amount of goodwill, and capacity as an organizational process facilitator of international repute, but at considering the fact that the governor has just one more tenure to do with the fact that he was already indicating strong signs of improvement in experience of the office and his undeniable achievements between 2016 and 2019 I had reasons to support him.

“We should be able to help leadership in Kogi State rather than in-house fighting among us. To me, I am done with that and now moving forward to the next level”.

Since the reconciliation with GYB, he has not seen any reason to distrust or work against him. But regretably, some persons are presently condemning his decision to be a Bello supporter. They now resort to insults, name calling and blackmailing of his person. Saying that his agreeing to the reconciliation in the first case, the superior media engagement and his sustained attention to the government is a sign of weakness and acceptance of defeats.

“But in politics and leadership struggles , as post reconciliation strategy you require a commitment to your common interests of state and the political party. And this interest is what bind me with GYB, APC and PMB. And I do everything within the law to protect and promote it”.

We must appreciate the modest achievements of Bello in the state even if we want to criticize him, he resorted.

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State

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