Dear PDP Elders, Leaders and Stakeholders
I salute you from the depth of my heart, permit me to raise pertinent issues on the current circumstances surrounding the party.
I would like to start with the president statement during his recent interview with ARISE TV where he said “APC will continue to run Nigeria after my tenure. So, Abati, tell anyone who wants to be Nigeria’s president in 2023 to join the APC”. What could have made the president hold such opinion that he even expressed it so loud and clear under a supposed democratic affair where people should be in such shoe of forming this opinion on who succeed him.
His opinion has a direct and indirect relationship with the fact that there is no visible opposition or rather the opposition has been suppressed to a mere press release pressure group rather than being a watchdog for government and its activities by leading from the front.
It is very unfortunate that the party can not capitalise on the current mis-governance, discordance, misdirection, deceit and loss of love or trust that bewail the ruling party to write, re-write or reintroduce the party’s goodwill once again in the people’s heart. It is obvious, clear and well-known fact that APC is sailing on a river of self-destruction as Nigerians are fed up of the party mismanagement of the economy which has brought hard time on people with an all time low standard of living, daily increase of insecurity, high inflation, daily increase in unemployment level, lack of respect for the rule of law, intolerance, increase in level of corruption, insensitivity to the plight of the youth system/population and lopsided appointment.
It is high time the party leadership wake up from being an opposition of press release to becoming a party that is ready to give dividend of democracy once again to the people from all levels of government. The party should remind Nigerians that most of these projects the ruling party is commissioning today are the project started by the party which we appreciate that the ruling party found them worthy of been continued and some completed.
This is a call for the leadership of the party at all levels to wake-up from their slumber and start leading from the front line on this journey of retrieving the country from a tyrannical government.
Permit me to note that this is not a time to trade blames, this is the time for the party to garner all its arsenal at its disposal to form a united front if to be taken serious in the coming elections. The country needs a viable opposition at this period as the citizen can not continue to look away while government treat them like commoners in their own country.
There is a need for the leaders to call the governors who were elected on the platform of this great party for a crucial meeting as the rate of defection is becoming worrisome. There should be a meeting point on whatever issues that is making them defect from the party as defection should be discouraged to be seen as the only solution. An army preparing for war does not contemplate losing his solders no matter how ineffective to the enemy camp.
Let me also cease this opportunity to appreciate the leadership of the party on going digital about the forthcoming membership registration and revalidation under the chairmanship of His Excellency Gov. Godwin Obaseki of Edo State. We hope such 21st century initiatives continue.
Permit me to also remind the party that APC rode to power with propagandas, deceits, false public narration and lies using traditional and new media. These falsehoods are now clear to Nigerians as most of the actors used in propagating it has come out to present the true position of issues and some even tendered apology to the former president under this great party.
This is the right and best time to rewrite the party’s story in the heart of Nigerians through objective, effective, efficient, and cohesive opposition as we look forward to writing a good and winning results in Anambra, Osun, Ekiti and the general elections in 2023.
The party’s role as an opposition should now be more than just writing press releases if to be taken seriously.
Thank you.

Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria
Long Live Our Great Party (PDP)

Oluwaseyi Ibileke B.Sc, ACE, MBA, ACIIN.

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