Percentage Salaries: Joint Workers Union Calls for Resignation of Kogi NUT Chair

Percentage Salaries: Joint Workers Union Calls for Resignation of Kogi NUT Chair

The Joint Workers Union of workers on local government payroll has called on Kogi state wing Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Teacher (NUT), Comrade Ayodele Thomas to resign from his position with immediate effect.

The call was contained in a letter written to the Kogi State Chairman of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and signed by the coordinator of Joint Workers Union, Comrade Abdullahi Rufai.

The Joint Workers Union, speaking on behalf of local government workers, teachers and pensioner, insisted that Thomas is no longer active based on civil service regulations and cannot be the Chairman of a union he does not belong to.

They informed the NLC chairman that the leadership of NULGE, NUT, MHWU, NUP, and NASU has failed them woefully since the inception of the Governor Yahaya Bello-led government in the state.

“We vehemently declare a vote of absolute no confidence in their leadership.

“It is a fact well established that so much pains, suffering and hardship had accompanied the wicked regime of paying percentage monthly salaries and pensions in the local government system.

“The local government staffers, primary school teachers, medical and health workers and the pensioners are suffering and experiencing untold hardship under the current leadership of the unions. Their inability to positively engage the government for the betterment of their members welfare is seriously worrisome, unacceptable and an embarrassment to positive thinking and good leadership,” the letter read.

The Joint Workers Union said its members have resolved to leave their old labour unions unless their demands are met.

“The concerned civil servants and pensioners under LG payroll, after wide consultations and considerations, wish to state the following conditions that must be met for us and our teaming supporters to remain members of the unions. Other wise, we shall pull out of the unions since the right of association is enshrined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“The leadership of NULGE should immediately withdraw her statement on the issue of 50% as a benchmark for workers salaries.

“All the unions should publish the monthly salaries/pensions paid to their members month by month from January 2016 to date so that government will get to know the true state of our welfare. The unions should further engage the state government for better welfare and demand for payment of 100% of the old N18,000 minimum wage monthly salaries and pensions for the members.

“Uncleared members who are not found wanting for certificate forgery should be cleared immediately and included in the payroll.

“November, 2020 salary and pension should be paid without further delay and henceforth, there should be no delay payment in salaries and pensions.

“The Unions should carry out an independent staff and payroll auditing to ascertain the staff strength and the financial implications. This will enable the unions engage the government better. The unions must demand for the immediate implementation of all outstanding promotions, payment of promotion arrears and yearly increments.

“The unions should demand for the return of payment of salary and pension to the various LGAs and LGEAs, and make a clear analysis of LG share of allocation in Kogi state and the staff strength, wage bill and payment done each month of allocation received.

“The State Wing NUT Chairman, Comrade. Ayodele Thomas should immediately resign from his position as the state Chairman. This is because he is no longer in active strictly speaking, according to the civil service regulations, and he cannot be a Chairman of a union he doesn’t belong.”

The Joint Workers Union frowned at the continued persecution of members who who got permission from their various LGAs and LGEAs for further studies and those that possess certificates that were hitherto acceptable by their employers for promotion. They argued that laws cannot be retrogressive, hence the demand to return their names to the payroll.

They gave the Unions 14 days ultimatum to meet their demands.

“Failure to agree to our demands, We shall commence immediate sensitization and mobilization of our members for the pulling out from all the mentioned Unions.”

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