PIUS KOLAWOLE: Making Yagba West The Economic Nerve Centre of Kogi

PIUS KOLAWOLE: Making Yagba West The Economic Nerve Centre of Kogi

Some of the critical variables to be considered in the choice of leadership is capacity and competency. This is indefatigably demonstrated by the Executive Chairman of Yagba West Local Government, Hon. Pius Kolawole in his efforts geared towards making Yagba West the economic nerves center of Kogi State.

The massive capacity, and wholesome commitment displayed by Hon. Pius Kolawole in the fight against crime and criminality; towards making Yagba West the most safe, peaceful and secured environment for human and business enterprise is acknowledged and commended by all and sundry.

Recognising the importance of peace and security as ‘sine qua non’ for meaningful, productive economic enterprise, Pius Kolawole has continued to engaged various stakeholders, groups and individuals in implementing policies and programs that promotes peace, law and order; making security the business of everyone in Yagba West; which has brought about greater improvement in farmers/herders relationship, drastic reduction in crime rate and other vices.

Owning to Hon. Pius leadership prowess, force of will and well coordinated proactive efforts, with effective intelligence, making security architecture in the local government responsive and responsible to the populace, Yagba West is fast becoming the most peaceful local government not only in Kogi State but Nigeria in general where citizenry could go to bed with their two eyes closed.

Yagba West Local Government no doubt is endowed with abundant human and natural resources, blessed with vast fertile arable land; Warehousing the largest Earth Dam(OMI DAM) In Sub-Sahara West Africa, with her potential for power generation and irrigation farming. The enormities of these opportunities serves as impetus to would-be investors who chose to engage productively in crop production, fisheries and other allied services. The irrigation system available makes it possible for farmers to engage in all year round (Wet and dry season) farming.

The project office of the Lower Niger River Basin Development Authority, Ejiba, Yagba West providing extension and other professional services to farmers is one of the reasons why Agriculture and related ventures are progressively expanding in Yagba West with farmers smiling to the banks daily after impressive harvest. In addition to the above is the drastic reduction in farmers/herders crisis, provision of support services and improved road network for the movement of farm produce from the farm to the hinterland.

Yagba West local government been hugely agrarian economy is proud of playing a host to one of the biggest Rice-Mill factory in Africa with Confluence Rice been its branded name.

With relatively stable power/energy supply, Yagba West local government is the only local government in Kogi State if not in Nigeria that enjoys uninterrupted power supply for an average of twenty hours a day. The stable power supply to a very large extent had reduced cost of production which has been a major challenges in the manufacturing sector.

Among the natural resources available in Yagba West Local government are; large deposits of Lime stone, Tantalite, Tin, Gold etc.

Blessed with good favorable weather condition and conducive climate for both crops and humans, Yagba West is linked by two border states of Ekiti and Kwara. Her proximity to Lokoja, Abuja and Ondo provides for larger market.

ECWA Hospital, Egbe and General Hospital, Odo-Ere are equipped with world class Health and Medical facilities and qualified medical and paramedical personnel to takes care of medical and health needs of the people.

Hospitality industries in Yagba West are in abundance to provide necessary lodging and accommodation for people with genuine business concerns.

These and more are reasons the Executive Chairman of Yagba West local government, Hon. Pius Kolawole has been calling on both local and international investors to visit Yagba West, see and explore the abundant economic opportunities available.

The local government under the amiable leadership of Chief Pius Kolawole as the Executive chairman has provided the required leadership, creating enabling environment for safety of investments, security of lives and property of citizenries.

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