Quality teaching, our priority in Silver Valley International College, Kabba-Olorumaiye

Quality teaching, our priority in Silver Valley International College, Kabba-Olorumaiye

About three years ago, Engr Zacchaeus Olorunmaiye founded the multiple awards winning Silver Valley International College, Kabba as a means of giving back to the community that raised him from grass to grace academically. In this interview with, he tells our teeming readers about the world class facilities and competent teachers that are the pride of the college. There is no doubt that parents whose wards are in this college are satisfied with the running of the school. Excerpts

We seem to have many schools already; what were some of the things that informed the establishment of this school?

This is part of the contribution of the founder of the school towards the attainment of better and qualitative education in the country. Our vision is to be the leading school trusted and renowned internationally for outstanding academic excellence. The objective of the founding father is to give back to the community where he was raised in appreciation of what the community has done for him. He established the school to demonstrate his strong sense of community service. The driving force behind the establishment of the college was not to extort, but to build and not to exploit but to be socially relevant.

Take us down memory lane: when was the school established?

The dream to start the college started in 2015, but it came into a reality as the college opened its gate on September 11, 2017 with 18 students in enrolment. As of today, to the glory of God, the college is expanding very rapidly. The journey has been remarkable in its challenges, growth, successes and achievements.

What system do you operate- Day or boarding system?

Silver Valley International College runs Day and Boarding system.

Many schools lack competent teachers, which reflect in the performances of their students. Tell us about the recruitment and competence of the teachers you recruit.

Silver Valley International College has qualified and experienced teachers. The minimum qualification for our teachers is a Bachelor’s degree in education. However, teachers that do not have their discipline in education must have Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) to be able to teach in the college. Applicants for teaching jobs are taken through a very rigorous hiring process which include but not limited to written examinations and micro teaching (practical).

Tell us about the facilities and teaching aids in your school.
Silver Valley International College is well equipped with the following:
World class facilities , excellent learning environment, comfortable classrooms, well-equipped Biology, Chemistry, Physics laboratories installed with audio facilities, well-equipped computer room, functional library, music and creative arts, multimedia based education, available solar power and standby generators to provide 24 /7 electricity for the school,
we have qualified, experienced, dedicated and well-motivated teachers. Most of our teachers have master’s degree in their various disciplines.

How is your school faring in discipline and moral upbringing this regard?

Discipline is a collective effort by all stakeholders. One of the school’s core values is discipline. At SVIC, we are able to achieve effective discipline through positive reinforcement and providing the right guidance for our students. Firmly rooted in God, with regular moral instruction, the school encourages all students to practice their various faiths while affirming the values of our shared humanity and fostering religious tolerance and peaceful co-existence.

Can parents count on you to keep their wards away from vices such as cultism, pornography and the likes?
Silver Valley International College takes the issue of civic and moral education very seriously. Since most of the causes of deviant acts are traceable to schools, home and peer influence. The school partners with the parents for effective monitoring and control of the behaviours of our students. “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. With the rigorous academic work coupled with intensive extra curriculum activities and the partnership with the parents, the school has been very successful in checking deviant behaviours in the school.

You have been on ground for some years now: what is the feedback from the parents like?
The school is just 3 years old. We have been receiving positive and encouraging feedbacks from the parents and many notable personalities from the society.

What are some of the other unique features of your school that make it stand above the rest.

We live in an increasingly competitive world where the best choices are reserved for the brightest and best. To give a competitive advantage to our students, the school runs a dual curriculum – The Nigerian and The British curriculum. The objective is to make our students globally competitive. Our facilities are of world class. SVIC ensures that every single child makes either good or accelerated progress. No child is ever left behind irrespective of their ability. Quality teaching has been our prioritized strategy for improving students’ achievements. Various teaching strategies based on students’ learning styles, multiple intelligences, differentiated tasks, targeted questions, as well as the use of focus groups and a wide range of learning resources, including Assessment for Learning (AFL) tools, Educational Apps and online activities are explored in a fun way to reinforce learning and thereby boost overall students’ achievement. For students who however need extra support, at SVIC we have devised numerous support strategies. Such strategies include interventions, placing students in learning groups according to abilities in core subjects, one-on-one reinforcement sessions and peer facilitation to bridge learning gaps. Students undergo counselling when necessary and are enrolled in our mentoring programme. Our teachers are trained to identify students with learning difficulties and to write Individual
Educational Plans (IEPs). Continuous monitoring and tracking of students’ progress are done to ensure that students with challenges are identified, and measures are put in place to move their learning forward.
Our mission is to create a stimulating and challenging learning environment where a child develops intellectually and socially and with utmost discipline. Parents can track the performance of their children from the comfort of their homes by just logging in to the school website.
We prepare our students for WAEC, NECO, Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT, CHECKPOINT, IGCSE which is set, marked and certificated by the University of Cambridge, London.

Tell us about the school environment, the playground, classroom by, hostels and others.

Silver Valley International College offers a friendly, safe, serene and supportive environment that is conducive for learning. The school has various sporting facilities where the students can participate in various sports of their choice. The classrooms are spacious and equipped with white board and audio-visual facilities for multimedia-based teaching and learning.
The hostel accommodations are well furnished to make them very comfortable for the students.

Any award won by the school, staff or students?

We have received commendations from His Royal Majesty, Oba Solomon Dele Owoniyi. The Obaro of Kabba and the Chairman of Okun Traditional Council, Kabba Development Union Chairman, Engr Emmanuel Ajibero and many other notable personalities and religious leaders from Kabba and the environs.

What are the security measures put in place by the school to ward off kidnapping and others?

The school has its security team. We installed CCTV for 24 hours monitoring of the premises. The school has alignment with the police to conduct security surveillance around the area. Additionally, there is a vigilante security complementing the police and the school.

Many students never do well after school because there is less emphasis on the practical aspect of teaching. What is the situation like in your school?

We expose our students to entrepreneurship studies. Our students have started making products like good quality shoes and bags. We plan to introduce computer assembly and programming very soon.

Where do you see students who pass through this school in the nearest future?

We see our students as first-class professionals in their various fields in the future. The school is laying a very solid and sustainable foundation for their future.

Tell us about your tuition fees.
This is not true. Most people think the tuition fee must be high because we have world class facilities and top of the chart teachers. This is a misconception. Our tuition fee is N65,000 per term. The founding father has a strong will to impart on the lives of his people. SVIC is the best and the most affordable school.

When is your next entrance examination coming up?
The first entrance examination and oral interview for year the 2020 /2021 academic session is coming up on the February 29, 2020 and the venue is the College premises.

What is the name of your school website?
The name of our school website is www.silvervalleyschools.com. Please visit our website to learn more about the college.

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