When I sit down and consider all that is happening in this country, Nigeria, it gives every reason for one to give up on the nation.
It is often said that the primary responsibility of a government is to secure the welfare and security of her citizens but can this be said of our country?

The Covid-19 Pandemic has further exposed the failure of our government at all levels in taking responsibility of the welfare of the citizens.

The Federal government announced palliative to all the 36 states of the federation with the FCT, giving 1800 bags of rice and other items to each state and ignorantly, Nigerians are celebrating this act. Then I asked myself, how much has Nigerian government put into this, and the answer is NOTHING.

The said palliative were items seized by the Nigerian Custom service some of which are marked smuggled or contraband but we roll out drums to celebrate this.

We listen to news daily since the spread of the deadly pandemic has taken over the media space and we know how responsive governments, world over have been showing concern for the welfare of their citizens to cushion the effects of the lock down.

It is so unfortunate that churches and religious organisations in the name of overzealousness are donating to the government that is supposed to be charged with the responsibility of the welfare of her citizens rather than taking care of her members that have been neglected by same government.

I personally, I am waiting for the day I will see the name of my bank who at every transaction charged me for such services and have not deemed it fit to credit same account with a palliative bonus, being named among donors to the federal government in account of palliative for the lock down on Nigerian citizens.

But one reason why I have kept hope alive is simply because I am from Kogi State and Ijumu local government area, where the “Ray of Hope of a new Nigeria” will come forth. How and when I may not be able to tell, but I have the assurance of better days ahead of Nigeria.

God bless Ijumu LGA!
God bless Kogi State!!
God bless Nigeria!!!


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