REVEALED! 16 LG Administrators That Will Not Returns As Chairmen In Kogi

REVEALED! 16 LG Administrators That Will Not Returns As Chairmen In Kogi

…Only Five May Make It

The 21 local government administrators in Kogi state were dissolved by Governor Yahaya Bello on Tuesday. Surprisingly, before the dissolution, all the 21 administrators have shown interest to contest for the council poll. Some have placed posters towards that effects. Many of them have already tagged themselves as favourite to clinched the seat whenever election is called.

With the constitution of State Independent Electoral Commissioner, KOSIEC, its obvious the government is serious to conduct the council post within the next 100 days.

However, feelers have shown that only five of the sacked administrators may return when the poll opened.

Issues ranging from zoning formula, incompetencies of the sacked administrators and other political permutations may not make them returned.

Since the dissolution on Tuesday, majority of the administrators has handed over to the DLG as directed, but they now faces many hurdles placed on their paths to secured their ambition now that they are out of office.

Political factors and intrigues deployed in various council areas revealed why only five of them may returned to their seat.

The sacked administrators were the longest serving chairmen either elected or appointed in the history of the state, haven been appointed on May 6, 2016 – spending close to four years in office. Unfortunately, their era was the worst as well. On that ground alone, political pundits felt none of them should even vie for the seat.

Many of them were handpicked because they were Governor Bello’s men during the 2015 primary election, others were picked because they were available to work with and not on ground of competency.

It was a long battle starting from their unceremonious appointments to when the governor finally heed the calls from many quarters to show them the way out. But the reactions that greeted their dissolution shows that many of them were not in tune with the reality of governance and were far away from their people; despite heading the tiers of government that was supposed to be the closest to the people.


Out of the seven administrators in this zone, only one is sure of coming back – Yagba East Ijagbemi Asiru. The administrator has endeared himself to the heart of the people. He’s also favoured that the Assembly members from the council area is from South- East Yagba, leaving the Chairmanship position still open to Isanlu axis where he hailed from. His only obstacle is that he shared the same blood line with the Commissioner for Finance, Asiru Asiwaju. He remained the most rooted politician amongst the sacked administrators.

YAGBA WEST:  is not favoured by zoning formula. There is a solid rotation arrangement between Area council and Town council. His performance was also below grade. Cannot returned.

Mopamuro: Before the dissolution, the administrator has fallen out of favour with stakeholders from the zone. Not coming back.

KABBA/BUNU: Moses should be the last person to ever mount the chairmanship position, saved for the fact that he was appointed only because not many people associated with the governor from that zone at the inception of office in 2015. He was one of those who was collecting money from produce sellers on highways before his appointment. His qualification and behaviour reflected someone of secondary school dropout.

The stakeholders from the area has nailed his ambitions when they zoned the position to Kiri axis- which did not favoured him.

IJUMU: The Jagaban has he’s fondly referred to is faced with many enemies. Some regarded him as too proud. Zoning formula did not favour him, but he seems to have outsmarted the council area by pushing Assembly member to the area favoured for the chairmanship. Taofiq Isa is also known to have the support of the governor in time past. Under probability.

LOKOJA/KOGI: Internal intrigues from the federal constituency will not favoured the duo’s return.


None of the administrators from this zone will return safe for Ogori Mangongo who may muzzles strength and ruffle feathers to retained his seat.

From Adavi to Okene and Okehi, down to Ajaokuta, people in these LGAs took to the street to celebrate their dissolution. A development that signal their rejection. Without being in power before primary day, getting the party ticket is unlikeable.


Aside Olamaboro LG area that the Deputy Governor, David Onoja hailed from, and who may likely picked candidate for the election, every other council areas in the zone may not get the ticket in view of the fact that the deputy governor who picked them in the first instance is facing an herculean task holding on to the leadership position in the zone. In fact, feelers from the government shows that any resemblance of identification to Onoja may likely cause anybody the ticket.

The governor has also given the leadership position to some other elected and party bigwigs in the zone to determined their candidate.

Only the administrator of Dekina whom through his performance deserved and has earned a return ticket.

Judging from the governor’s body language in recent time, it is obvious that he is running away from crises that characterised his first term. The governor is treading carefully and showing sign of political maturity that gives room for equity, justice and fairness.

Coupled with the fact that the governor has giving each zone to determined its fate. With these development, the administrators whom have been far away from their people and out of office, will not secure a ticket through a fair primary. Their position is as good as looking for other political position that getting a return ticket.

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