Sen. Obasaju buries amidst tears in Kabba

Sen. Obasaju buries amidst tears in Kabba


Senator Joseph Funsho Obasaju was weekend buried in his country home of Kabba, headquarters of Kabba-Bunu Local Government Area of Kogi state, even as the market was closed for his burial.

The former lawmaker was buried amid tears as sympathizers from all walks of life including top Government functionaries gathered to pay their last respect to the late political and community leader.

Speaking in his homily, a Guest Speaker, Reverend Father Kunle Dukiya noted that all men no matter their positions and background will taste death and give account of their stedwardship.

Rev. Dukiya who quoted from Revelation chapter 14 vs 13 described late Senator Joseph Obasaju as an educationist per excellence and distinguished politician who was transparent and humble during his life time.

He said the demised political life was at variant with the present days political players; majority of whom are selfish, materialistic, egoistic and devoid of the capability to move the country forward.

“The deceased used his lifetime for the service of God and humanity and I urged the people not to neglect leaders who have served meritoriously like Joe Funsho Obasaju.

“We gathered here today to bid final farewell to one of the most celebrated and cerebral sons of Oweland. A citizen of a country, that was once the pride of Africa because of the quality of his political elites and quality of services rendered by the working class.

“We are celebrating the transition of a soldier of Christ who gave a good account of himself as a good and faithful steward of the treasure, the time and the talents his creator endured him with, on his coming to this side of the divide.

“I kept wondering how a renowned scientist and academic giant ended up in secondary school classroom. But What he lost by not pursuing a career in the great sciences, he gained by being mentor, formator and great influence and inspiration to those directly or directly came under his influence.

“Growing up I remember that most parents prayed and wished, they wards become great intelligent children like the Obasajus.

“Joseph Funsho Obasaju was privileged to have attended Catholic schools that were accessible and affordable for an average Owe family years ago. These schools were world class both in quality, learning and moral. it was an education geared towards the total formation of the human person. The curricula were such that pupils and students were trained both in learning and character. They were prepared to be fit and proper, dependable hard-working, honest and deligent citizens. The driving force then was to be humane and of service. Money was certainly not a top priority but good name.

“Everyone was taught to be good ambassadors of their homes. The dictum then was remember the home you come from”.

Speaker of the Kogi State House of Assembly, Prince Matthew Kolawole who led other members to the occasion promised to liaise with the state government to immortalize the late lawmaker.

Kolawole stated that the demise of the Senator has created a vacuum too difficult to fill adding that he will be greatly missed for his humility and philanthropist gesture.

The Daughter of the deceased, Doctor Josephine Alexander and the President, Kabba Development Union, Engineer Emmanuel Ajibero said the late Senator Obasaju will be remembered for his discipline and uprightness.

Late Joe Funsho Obasaju, who died at 75 was reported to have distinguished himself as an intelligent and brilliant student from his days at St. Mary Catholic Primary School Kabba and later at the once famous St. Augustine Day Secondary school.

He was not only a first class student, he was also a prolific writer, a terrific footballer and a literary giant, he was principals of many colleges, a former House of Assembly member, a former Senator, a community leader and lover of children.

He is survived by a wife, four daughters and one son.

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