It was an ecstatic moment of joy as the Conglomerate of Student Leaders from Kogi West Comprising of Ijumu, Kabba-Bunu, Lokoja, Kogi, Mopamuro, Yagba West and Yagba East LGA’s met with the Senator Representing Kogi West at the National Assembly, Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi (CON) at his country home in Iyara, Ijumu LGA on Saturday.

The Student’s Union Leaders across the 7 LGA’s in their different remarks commended the tremendous efforts of the Senator for his performance in the 6th and 7th senate, and also in the current 9th Senate.

The Senator noted that he has positive mindset to add value and that necessitated his reelection. He noted with nostalgia his impacts towards the educational pursuit of his people through the platform of the same Student’s bursary.

Senator Smart said he is interfacing with the students directly to roll out the Scholarship form as he is optimistic of effective delivery of the programme

He then urged the students to avoid being used as a negative tool to constitute nuisance and become rascals.

He advised them to be focused, result oriented and uphold their integrity with utmost desire and passion and not to engage in any activity that could tarnish their images.

The Senator also said he believes in the Philosophy of egalitarianism, fairness and justice irrespective of tribe and religion.

In the Senator’s statement, he recalled that he sponsored more than 400 muslims to Mecca and also more than 430 to Jerusalem during his previous tenure.

The Senator said after the completion of the first phase of the scholarship, he will commence the Second phase, also identifying few amongst the arrays of his activities which are; Women Empowerment programme, Anti natal Insurance Scheme for the pregnant women to mention but few.

Senator Smart Adeyemi implored the Student leader’s to ensure fair distribution of the Scholarship and that the distribution should not be based on sentiment, he emphasized that the gesture should be targeted at the less privileged students.

Senator Smart Adeyemi charged the student’s to continue to give their maximum Support to His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello noting that the Supports he got from the Governor really counts and that granted them this lofty opportunity.

While talking about the multi million naira scholarship project, the Senator said it will be an annual programme.

He also instructed that the Scholarship programme be extended to the non indigenes who are residents of Kogi West and also to other Political parties.

The Chairperson and Secretary of the Scholarship Committee, Chief (Mrs) Ebun Joel and Hon Bode Adeyemi respectively recalled the efforts of Senator Smart Adeyemi, they on behalf of the Student leader’s appreciated the Senator and rolled out the modalities to follow in distributing and filling the scholarship forms.

In Conclusion, Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi (CON) distributed Seven hundred (700) scholarship forms to Students of higher institutions of learning and the Senator had a nice time with them by having a feast with the Scholarship Committee team and the student leaders.

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