Senator Smart Adeyemi Third Term Rescue Operation

Senator Smart Adeyemi Third Term Rescue Operation

Senator Smart Adeyemi Third Term Rescue Operation
By Aiyenigba Bolu

Aside the executive positions, issue of representation at the Upper chamber of the National Assembly, the Senate, has for quite sometimes becomes a thing of interest to average Nigerians. Thus in the Western senatorial district of Kogi state, adjudged to be well read people, the interest is more keen.

Invariably, since the returns to Democratic setting in 1999, Kogi West has become conscious of painstakingly assessing their senator’s leadership commitment to service delivery.

Towards this end, the conglomerate of the articulate people of Kogi West never rest on their oars in keeping whoever comes on board as their senator on the track to meet up with their yearnings and aspirations.

While the like of Senator Justus Olu, Joe Obasaju, Chief Awoniyi, Ado Shaibu, Tunde Ogbeha were bequeathed with the peoples mandate, it was the term of Senator Smart Adeyemi between 2007 and 2015 that the people actually felt the impart of what a senator truly mean. Suffice to say however that Senator Joe Obasaju’s tenure was scuttled at infancy while Chief Awoniyi’s wriggled through a lost period and Senator Ado Shaibu was not even inaugurated.

Unfortunately, political upsurged did not allow Adeyemi who have already received the ‘People Senator’s’ toga to get to senate in 2015. The development turned to blessing in disguise as his ousting by power that be gave an opportunity to test for possible alternative.

Not only did his successor, Senator Dino Melaye make the senate a theater of absurdities, it was a thing of heart rending that the constituency seeks a rescuer from the scorn their representative have thrown the entire race, especially the Okun breed into. An outcry of who will save their face from ridicule and political subterfuge was required. Again the lot fell on Prince Smart Adeyemi.

The pitiable situations that the last occupant bequeathed on the zone none withstanding, people expected some succour from the present occupant. They want him to perform wonders.

The question on the lip of political analysts are, will Adeyemi be able to change the narrative of the past four years while still adhering to a quality representation and human development that the zone yearned for.

A look at senator Adeyemi step so far within just two months seems to have rekindles the peoples hope for quality representation. The euphoria for meaningful and purposeful delivery of democracy dividends through well focused dialogue has started emitting flames of contentment since Smart Adeyemi was sworn in on December 4, 2019.

With his antecedent as an astute community developmental Czar, and philanthropist of no means, their is a strong believe that the erstwhile NUJ president, Prince Smart Adeyemi’s third term ambition was borne out of genuine desire to rescue Kogi West from ineptitude, bad image and people of questionable characters.

Consciously, Senator Adeyemi immediate after his inauguration brought to for the need to establish Nigeria Rice council in Lokoja. He has also brought out the issue of drawing federal government presence to the state. To cap it up, he has mapped out as priority the conversion of the ABU College of Agriculture, Kabba into a full fledge University awarding degrees. He has introduced a bill towards that effect which has passed first reading. He has promised to vigorously canvassed for the College of Agriculture bill to reached actualization before the end of his tenure.

The Senator has hinted and commenced internal arrangement to ensure the completion of Kabba – Ilorin road, see to the establishment of fishery industry in Koton-karfe, just as he promised them during electioneering campaign, as well as ensured that Omi Dan in Yagba West local government receive more attention that will make it more economically viable for the benefit of Kogi West in particular, Kogi in general and Nigeria as a whole.

It took the senator little time to rise to the defend of the Tawari people who have unfortunate attack from some militia people that destroyed the community. His visit to the Naational Emergency Management Authority, NEMA on the community needs brought a quick assessment from the agency who have taken step to addressed their plights.

Senator Adeyemi who no doubt is poised to make a difference of Kogi West political representative, as single handedly awarded the construction of motorised boreholes within the senatorial axis. The Senator Operation Water For All which he kick started in Yagba West on Saturday, January 11 was aimed at ensuring that women and children are not left art the mercy of searching for water especially during dry season.

Invariably on his own, he used the December holiday to hold meetings with critical stakeholders across the senatorial district as well as drumming for collaboration with the electorate so that their will be a concerned effort at turning around the zone in all frontiers of socio -economic development. Kogi West, he has repeatedly claimed must wear a new look and to achieve this, there must be purposeful commitment on the part of the leadership and the led.

Apart from the outstanding manner he has handled all matters affecting his constituency  so far, he has also formed a good synergy with the executive both at the state and federal level to ensure that the constituency’s need are well catered for.

Considering the steps so far initiated and marrying same with his philanthropist antecedent, it will not be out of place to say Kogi West will undergo an aggressive face lift under Senator Adeyemi leadership.

That he is set to rescue Kogi West ineptitude can no longer be faulted, but his heart felt desire to give the people quality representation can be realized through full cooperation across the zone.
Mr. Bolu writes from Lokoja

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