By Sikiru Segun

There are few names that ring bell in kogi west and kogi state by extension. High chief Shola Adebola Samuel Gaddafi is one of the names.

He has taken his time to build an enviable reputation for himself, through conscientious technocracy and comradeship, well blended with a good education and administrative dexterity.

Born 10th July in the 50’s. An Alumni of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. A one time teacher after his youth service in 1985.

Gaddafi as his popularly called, he transferred his service later to local government service commission as an information and protocol officer.
Acted as Director of local government in 2008.

Appointed Director of protocol to Executive Governor of kogi state in 2003, posted to Abuja as liaison officer in 2004 as Director General and later appointed as liaison officer 1 to Yagba East LGA by the Executive Governor of kogi state, Alhaji Idris Wada Administration.

A cursory look at the credentials of comrade Shola Adebola Gaddafi, revealed a man who over the years, through hard work, focus and determination, has built for himself an image of a colossus in the leadership, comradeship and political class.

The well focused and quiet achiever who had all his education and early part of his life as a comrade knew quite early enough that comradeship has the ace for him.

His life therefore, is strongly marked by the fact that he values friendship, invested and still investing enormous time and resources maintaining these friendships.

He immersed himself in the successive radical struggles of the 1980s, 1990s till dates.

He is a central pillar in the coterie of comrades that defined pathways for resistance to national exploitation and oppression.

By the same token, he is a determined comrade engaged in the struggle for humanity’s and liberation, workers rights, youths and women’s rights.

He excelled in combative scholarship, employments and brought enormous clarity and fresh insights to the understanding of complex and contentious issues.

His intellectual and intervention were always guided by values of integrity, social justice, fundamental principles of leadership and the rights and interests of popular groups.

He is a political strategist. He had fought many political battles and won. He is the DG Hon Asiwaju Leke Abejide foundation.

Comrade Shola Adebola Gaddafi feels more fulfilled in serving God and being relevant in his vineyard.

He is a bridge between the young and old generations, Simple, bold, discipline, confident, consistent and not a class person.

He is an active member of Nigeria union of journalists, pioneer president National youth council of Nigeria,Yagba chapter, Technical adviser to NYCN Yagba East chapter and a worthy ambassador of kogi youth council.

May I end this with the quote from the famous author, Jarrod kints, who state that, the year you were born marks only entry into the world. Other years where you prove your worth are ones worth celebrating.

It’s your Birthday. Rejoice and be glad!

I want to ask God to keep decorating each golden ray of the sun reaching you and your family with more wisdom in sound health and longlife. Amen.

Happy Birthday my mentor, our comrade and our high chief. Chief Shola Adebola Samuel Gaddafi.
Congratulations leader. πŸŽ‚πŸΎπŸΉ.
Comrade sikiru olusegun.

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