The Stand Up for Women Society (SWS) has called on women to stand firm with one another in love and unity to promote good governance, peaceful coexistence and a better society.

The Founder and National President of SWS, Barrister Deborah Ijadele-Adetona made the call during 2022, three days National Conference And Summit held in Lagos State

The women in their hundreds from across the thirty-six (36) states including FCT, Nigeria converged on the Pelican International Hotel, Lekki to celebrate their achievements and to brainstorm on issues that matter at balancing societal obligations with marital and parental responsibilities to building a progressives country where women are allowed to take their positions at the centre stage where decisions are made.

Barrister Deborah said once women come together as one, they will get it right.

“But mind you, we are ready to cross each others toes, and offend each other. Please, do the needful for better society” she added.
The keynote speakers at the event, Prof. Yemisi Adeparusi and Activist, Aishat Yesufu who joined via zoom advocate for women to begin to play active roles in their homes and politics.
Prof. Yemisi Adeparusi, urged women to always make themselves available for training and retraining if they must contribute positively to the nation’s building.

“Whatever we are being trained is for us, even in your homes, there are things you are learning; perseverance, endurance, cooperation, unity, oneness and love. We need it. Women let’s come together, God will help us” she said.

Prof. Adeparusi encouraged women to build on these components towards building a better society.
A renowned activist, Aishat Yesufu called on women to participate in governance and that women who stay behind and allow others to make all decisions will not go anywhere.

Yesufu said countries, where women participate actively in governance, are the ones doing well.

“Era of Aso-Ebi should be over, we should also seek our financial independence. We should also buy properties, and own lands. When our husbands are giving their sons land, we too should have land and properties that we are giving our daughters.” She said.

On peacemaking and conflict prevention, Aishat said women have not played many roles and as such called on them to be focused on conflict management, its prevention and resolution which are peace-making processes that will deliver peaceful coexistence in society.

Aishat Yesufu added that education should be made paramount, especially for the girl child. She encouraged women to go beyond singing and praising politicians to sit amongst decision-makers where their voices would be heard.

Another who spoke is the founder of the first old people’s home, Barr. Hauwa Umar Jibril. She called on Nigerians to support her advocacy for a conducive environment for the elderly in the country, Nigeria.

Barr. Hauwa said “This home of mine is supposed to care for the aged. I discovered in the Northern part of our country, our tradition and religion do not give room for elderly people to leave their homes, times have changed, there is so much urbanisation and migration, people do not stay with this set of people and they end up living a lonely life till death”

That is why I seek more participation and support from women across the country to join me to take care of the elders in our society”.

Barr. Hauwa called on well-meaning Nigerians to support the old to live happily on earth to stop old age sickness and sudden death.

To spice the event was the cocktail night, followed by Dinner and Award night that celebrated men and women who have through their struggles put smiles on less privileged faces with their empowerment programmes.

Amongst many that got awards for their exceptional performances and outstanding leadership styles in their various field of endeavours are Barr. Kaka Shehu Lawan, Barr. Hauwa Umar Jibrin, Dr. Ntufam Oscar Ofuka, Pastor Dr.Daniel Kolawole Olukoya, All SWS Vice Presidents, Zonal Coordinators and Five outstanding Chairpersons across the states.

The SWS is an advocate for women’s rights and total development, building confidence to qualify women to participate in public matters in the society and to project and plan for women’s world in our society as active players in building enabling environment for all.
It was first launched in Akure on the 19th of November, 2018.

Billie Avoyi Nwogu
SWS National Communication & Dissemination Officer

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