Truth Be Told, Buhari Service Chiefs Are expired, Must be sack – Ex Kogi Acting Gov Olafemi

Truth Be Told, Buhari Service Chiefs Are expired, Must be sack – Ex Kogi Acting Gov Olafemi

*Says Nigeria Security situation may become irredeemable
Former Acting Governor of Kogi State, Chief Clarence Olafemi has again joined many Nigerians calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to sack his Service Chiefs; said failure to do so the security situation in the country may become irredeemable.
Olafemi, who spoke on Thursday in Lokoja described the current service chief as expired product.
He said the service Chief could also take the honourable way by resigning from President Buhari government voluntarily. 
“In a civilized society, the service chiefs has no  moral justification for remaining in that positions.
“There must be a parameter in measuring performance. It has become embarrassing that Boko Haram in the North East is running a parallel government in a country under Nigeria”.

Olafemi, also a former Speaker of the state Assembly, said Nigeria has a problem of structural management, as those who occupied juicy positions don’t want to leave even though they cannot perform.

“The government responsibilities must be paramount in security. That security is becoming another thing. It is preventing so many thing. For Example, people like me who supposed to be seventy wants to retire. We want to go into agriculture. Am afraid that I might be in my farm and kidnappers will come and pick me up there. I didn’t go into agriculture.
“Even to travel and manage my business, any time I’mm traveling from Lokoja to Mopamuro, my home town, until I reach there, I will be looking backward, side ways, thinking that kidnappers, armed robbers are all around. We still have not been aggressive the way we should. 
“In the North East, were Boko Haram is the order of the day,  even if we are fighting a civil war, how long did the civil war in Nigeria lasted.
“It is becoming embarrassing to us today that  Nigeria has a boundary. A define boundary, and we see a state were Boko Haram is running a government in over one third of the Local Government area that made up the State. It is as good as saying that they have formed a country of their own. 
“Why, is it taking so long. To we the ordinary citizens and the enlightened citizens, we are not convince that the government have been able to make success out of their struggles . And it has a split over effect in the sense that, one still don’t know how they got their source of ammunitions.
‘If they say we have bilateral arrangements with some surrounding countries, did they drop it through the air. And what is the work of our intelligent gathering machineries. Even though they are doing there best, their best is not good enough for this country. We have to come out and say the truth.

“I still stand by the fact that the President can not be everywhere, neither can he do everything for the country. But the people charged with that responsibility has failed. They must accept the fact that they have failed.

“For the Service Chief, am not only just calling for their sack, they should simply resign by themselves. In a civilized country, what exactly are they doing there. What is the moral justification for remaining in that positions.
“Ordinary football, if you are playing, and you see a particular player, no matter how good they may be, if for a particular game, they are not playing to expectation, they will pull him out and put another person.
“Are we saying that except those service chief, Nigeria can not survive militarily. When it is obvious that things has going astray.
“During the #EndSARS protest, my fear was that, if the EndSARS had won the war the way they wanted, there will be nothing like Nigeria again because the country is so fragmented. 
“We will just find ourself waking up into anarchy; And anarchy has no leadership. The Boko Haram in the North East, Fulani herdsmen in the North West, the problem of fighting in the North Central, Benue, Plateau, South West, We have the Amotekuns, South East, IPOBs, and we have the Niger Deltas. Tell me, who will coordinate all this people to make us remain as a country when we have a government that was over turned by Civil Disobedience. 
“So, we did not know what God really did for us by saving us from #EndSARS in 2020. And we are still not out of the wood. All the people in government should wake up in 2021 and address the problem of Nigeria Squarely. Not as a part time job. And any one that is expired, should be withdrawn and be replaced by a more dynamic people. 
“A lot of them has no idea. Even when you have the idea, debate it, they won’t implement it. We have a problem in this country. 
“We have problem of structural management. People who occupied position, they don’t want to leave and they know they cannot perform. And because of the way the nation’s political structure, they have become a regional lords. So it is difficult to remove them. 
“So the country has no option than to keep recycling them even when they are no longer useful to the country. May be because of the state they came from, if every state must have the Minister, they are the lord from there; so must be repeatedly made the Minister. You will find out now that it is even difficult for the president to reshuffle his cabinet, which he should have done for a very long time.
“There is a problem. There must be parameter  to measure performance. If you know that somebody performance is below expectation, you pull him off. For example if you are a Minister of Finance and within four years you have not been able to come out with a way to sanitize the budget of this country, to reduce corruption in a low percentage, then you are not fit to be in that position’ he stated. End

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