Why Senator Adeyemi Snubs (12-12) Former PDP Youths Leader Who gave Fake Statement At Tribunal

Why Senator Adeyemi Snubs (12-12) Former PDP Youths Leader Who gave Fake Statement At Tribunal

Senator Smart Adeyemi on Tuesday expressed his displeasure over a former youth leader, Oluwakayode Emmanuel, who gave fake reports at the National Assembly Election Petition Tribunal, sitting in Abuja for Kogi West Election.

Emmanuel (alias Twelve Twelve) was ignored when he make efforts to greet the senator who was holding conversation with his counsel, Dr. Oladapo Otitoju.

Emmanuel, from Obele, few days ago when speaking as one of Dino Melaye witnesses at the tribunals stated that there were five polling units in his community where he voted, whereas there was only one; amidst other lies.

On seeing the senator coming out of the court room, Emmanuel had waved at him but was ignored, he waved several times to beg for money as usual but was ignored completely

Acting like someone with a troubled mind because of the what he has benefited in the past from the Senator, Emmanuel was said to have make another efforts advancing towards the senator who was holding a briefing with his counsels, Dr. Oladapo Otitoju and Barr. Abdulahi M

“As he advanced, Senator Adeyemi
immediately rebuffed Emmanuel coming closer to him, telling him; “I don’t want your greeting.” Keep your greetings to yourself, he greeted him Six times until the Senator walked him out of his presence.

The Senator was said to have expressed scepticism about Emmanuel coming to him when he’s still with his counsel; despite all he did to change his life for good that his (Emmanuel) motive may be to spy on their conversations

Eseyin Oluwakayode Emmanuel, a former students of Kogi State University, Anyigba once served as PDP youth leader for Okedayo wards before he dropped out of school.

He was one of the greatest beneficiary of Senator Adeyemi who gifted him a car and other cash donation well over 15 million naira.

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