Yahaya Bello: Five Years Of Humanitarian Disaster And Waste In Kogi State

Yahaya Bello: Five Years Of Humanitarian Disaster And Waste In Kogi State

By Usman Okai Austin

The office anniversary as the world knows usually showcases projects and the economic improvement one has made during one’s time in office. This has been the trend in Nigerian political cum-adminstrative landscape, but the case appears different in Kogi State as Yahaya Bello aggressively reduced and continues to reduce every sector of the State to almost nothing, with little or no regard for the rule of Law.

The divine providence that ushered in the current Governor of Kogi State should ordinarily be a guide to achieving great heights during his time in office, but ignorance, coupled with corrupt tendencies typical of the Kogi State Governor has dashed such hope and expectations of million inhabitants of the State. Should Yahaya Bello leave office today, he would go down as the worst Governor a Nigerian state has ever produced. The proofs are in the public glare.

Instead of sketching policies that seek to improve the lives of civil servants in the state he’s presiding over, the weakly baked cum-opportunistic administrator resorts to abandoning his primary responsibilities, distracting Nigeria and Nigerians with his presidential ambition. Has Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello successfully transformed the state he governs for five years that he is setting his eyes on the presidential seat? This and many more are the questions currently spinning in the minds of million Nigerians who stumbled on Bello’s presidential fliers.

Away from the Governor’s persistent distraction and pollution of public space with unrealistic ambition aimed at recklessly dishing out Kogi State’s resources to political jobbers, there are tendencies I remind the Governor whose leadership style has striking negative effects on the well-being of workers and less privileged in the state that he’s an unmitigated disaster.

Has there been any project commissioned in Kogi State that attracts national attention? The Governor who is celebrating five years in office does not have anything to show to that effect. He should bury his head in shame instead of unnecessarily distracting everyone with fake and fraudulent ambition.

Lokoja, the state metropolis is a perfect example of how fraudulent the Bello led administration has been. I’m not ignorant of this, hence the resolution to distance myself from praising a “global failure”. Bello has failed, and until he tilts from his anti-humanism, we will continue to expose his treacherous way of piloting the affairs of Nigerians in Kogi State.

Extrajudicial killings, kidnappings and all forms of crime take the center stage in Kogi State. They happen on a daily basis, as citizens are now living in palpable fear. What is the Governor’s effort towards curtailing this life-threatening challenges confronting Kogi State? what measures has he put in place towards recovering guns and ammunition from young men in Kogi State?  We must continue to ask sensitive questions concerning the welfare and safety of our people.

Celebrating anniversary on the political corridor comes with tasks and responsibilities. What Did Yahaya Adoza Bello have to show for his five years of Rulership other than his woeful failure?

Usman Okai Austin 
Public Affairs analyst 
Writes from Abuja

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